Dark Terrors Errata

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The book is missing a bit of context on p.83ff

- It says that Monads have all four matrix attributes, but does not mention how they are calculated

- It explains how you can repair Core Condition, but not how you can damage it in the first place, since Monads are never outside their home device (neither does the text mention if Monads need to realign once every 24 hours for 3 hours) - Data Trails mentions a Deicide Program able to do so, but never elaborates on that, so no rules exist for that. 
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« Reply #1 on: <01-30-18/1750:12> »
Page 2 (Contents), change “Excerpt From Ares Intel Report” to “Excerpt from Ares Intel Report” (lowercase “from”)
Page 2 (Contents), change “New Rules for technomancers” to “New Rules for Technomancers” (capital “T”)
Page 5 (Introduction), change “that might about to be thrust” to “that might soon be thrust”
Page 10 (Heart of the Hive), change “audio files and from” to “audio files from” (delete “and”)
Page 12 (Transcript), change “those who have come before and yet to do so” to “those who have gone before and those who have yet to do so”
Page 18 (Ares Arms Begins Upgrade Program), change “Ares’ military units” to “Ares military units,” (delete apostrophe)
Page 39 (New Orleans), change “Some gangs have claim graveyards” to “Some gangs claim graveyards” (delete “have”)
Page 42 (Africa), change “the ghouls have hired the runners” to “the ghouls sometimes hire the runners”
Page 89 (A Sworn Testimony), put “who did what, when, and where” in quotes (and add a comma after “when”)
Page 91 (A Sworn Testimony), hyphenate “self-incrimination”
Page 92 (A Sworn Testimony), hyphenate “flat-footed”
Page 94 (Death), use parentheses in pairs and don’t capitalize mid-sentence: “(1) they are involved; and (2) they hope …”
Page 97 (The Card), use parentheses in pairs: “(1) It is … (2) Even if …”
Pages 100-101 (Revelations), italicize the book title: Tome of Revelations (three times)
Page 101 (Revelations), change “the smallest drip” to “the smallest drop
Page 101 (Revelations), change “of our enemies” to “by our enemies”
Page 118, change “Well it’s a good a place as any” to “Well, it’s as good a place as any”
Page 127 (Deep Dive), change “half your age, minus seven” to “half your age, plus seven”
Page 130 (Null Overseers stat block), delete the non-Matrix Initiative lines and add a Matrix condition monitor.
Page 135 (Ordo Maximus), change “De Vries” to “de Vries” (lowercase “de,” twice)
Page 149 (Recent Troubles), change “Doc Spin” to “Dr. Spin”
Page 157 (table), change “full description” to “full descriptions” (plural)
Page 175 (The Mad Plane), change “best experienced rather than being described,” to “better experienced than described,”
Page 176 (The Mad Plane), change “most the structures” to “most structures” (delete “the”)
Page 176 (The Mad Plane), change “Most with some form” to “Most have some form”


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« Reply #2 on: <12-13-18/1541:59> »
Page 32-33 has an optional rule for playable free insect spirits. Yet there are some oddities.

1) Character generation mentions the Prime runner rules are required at first.
Then in 2 instances the rules instead mentions that the point buy rules are to be used.

Suggested change: remove any special character generation type requirements. The 42 karma cost should be enough, and doable with prime runner, priority, point buy and sum2ten. There is already precedence for high karma templates like mutaqua, nosferatu or drakes that can be used with other character generation systems.

2) The rules mentions spirit type a couple of times (think that refers to soldier, scout, worker etc) and that most free spirits are scouts. Yet the rules doesnt mention that the character would actually gain any of the spirit type powers, only its level of insecticide weakness. As all have the same degree of weakness except the soldier that seems an odd choice to make. As there is no mechanical reason to not choose soldier always.

Suggested change: remove the choice of spirit type, instead have it at severe, with the option of buying it down to light.

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