Troll Traditionist Shaman

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« on: (20:58:37/12-27-17) »
Ever since I started back in early hours of SR2 Iíve been waiting to play a shaman but never got around to do so. Now with Forbidden Arcana and other books Iíll give it a shot again. This character will focus mostly on spirits but as he will not be able to bind he might be limited in that regards. He only knows magic, not much else. Iím thinking the character must be a trog even though other races are a lot better at handling shamanic drain. Also Chain Maker is definitely something I want soon after creation if not at creation itself. My problem is choosing the spirits; Plant and Guardian/Ancient? As a Traditionist Shaman he can only summon spirits within their domain. However looking at Wild Spirits Beast spirits are boundless.

Heap lives on the streets. Heís been there most of his life but gotten by through feigning being a simpleton and his magical friends. Thereís always a spirit around to help getting his arse out of trouble.
He carries some significant baggage in the form of the magical community who taught him. Due to the limited life span of trogs many practitioners willingly embraced HMHVV I, meaning some of his mentors were Wendigo or Dzoo-noo-qua. He suffers from the experience of eating metahuman flesh as part of his tutelage but may eventually embrace the same path.
Heap is curious about magical protection, not as much the protection itself but more about what it is protecting. Thereís no drive to steal anything, more an urge to know whatís inside the vault. So thatís his forte: breaking into magical vaults, summoning Spirits, and astral projection.

Priority (sum-to-10 is accepted)
A: Race (Troll (5)) B: Attributes (20) C: Magical Attitude (Magic 3, 5 Spells) D: Resources (50,000 Nuyen) E:Skills

B-9 A-2 R-4 S-5 W-6 L-3 I-4 C-3 E-3 M-6 Es-6 Ini-8

Positive Qualities: (Iím not sure about the 12 last points)
Mentor Spirit (5) either Coyote (Traditionist Shaman makes bonuses +2 Illusion and +2 Manipulation Magic, +2 can) or Raven (Book of the lost version: +2 summoning all spirits)
Spirit Whisperer (8) (spirits arrive one force stronger than summoned)
((Chain Maker - can summon two additional types of spirits (10)))
((Focused concentration 3 (12)))
Mentor Mask (0) - Drain reduced by 1

Negative Qualities:
Code of Honor (Shamanís Code) (0)
Wanted - Suspected of Cannibalism (10)
Flashbacks - Reliving eating from the body parts of still living metahumans (8)
Bad Credit (8)

Spell casting 6
Summoning 6
Perception 3
Assessing 3

Blast, Increase Charisma, Hot Potato, Trid Phantasm, Control Thoughts

Karma usage
Power Focus binding -12
Athletic Group 1 -5
Stealth group 1 -5

Gear (3200 left)
Lifestyle: Street
Power Focus 2 (36000)
Big game hunter Armor w/ non-conduct 6, fire resist 4, insulation 4 (7000)
MCT Blue Defender w/receiver (2400)
Contacts [3], Image Link, Flare Compensation, Lowlight Vision ¥1375
Earbuds [1]¥50


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« Reply #1 on: (08:33:00/12-28-17) »
First, let me say I absolutely love that background. I will be adding that to my backgrounds I want to use list.

Mechanically I don't have a lot of time, but I kind of think your power foci is holding you back. Trading resources D to E and Magic C to B, nets you 1 point of edge, 8 skill points (specializations in spellcasting and summoning and 6 counterspelling maybe) and 2 additional spells. The karma from your power foci can be dedicated to Nuyen allowing you to round out your equipment better than Resources D is allowing, and allowing your character to grow through Nuyen by buying a focus in game.

I don't believe suspected of cannibalism would be enough to be wanted unless you are someone important (or their grandma maybe), especially since you were under the influence of a monster at the time. I would probably modify that more like you killed a hunter who freed you or something.


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« Reply #2 on: (16:46:37/12-28-17) »
Wanted could be for eating a daughter of a powerful person like a politician or crime lord. Instead maybe something like Big Regret was also on the table.

And yeah, initially I didnít have the power focus. But you are right, itís too much of a drain so Iíll remove it again.

Thanks for the initial thoughts!