Fixing some character types

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As our current campaign ends, and the next one is taking shape, I'm looking at fixing soem character types that I, and my player,s agree are so underpowered that no player will even bother playing them Aspected mages ands Technomancers. Not sure which one they hate more.

Aspected mages:
Spellcasting Adept
Receive free Spells as a mage of one higher priority level priority level. (A B priority asspected spellcaster gets 10 free spells). Any mentor spirit bonus for conjuration becomes a spellcasting bonus (the +2 dice is for one group of spells, the +1 dice is for all spells). All spellcasting adepts get +2 dice to learn a new spell, design a new spell formula. The first spell a spellcasting adept sustains is only a -1 dice penalty. Initiation Costs count as if the adept has underwent an ordeal (and if they do undergo an ordeal, it doubles the cost savings). Bonds spellcasting and power foci at 75% cost.

Conjuration Specialists: All mentor Spirit Bonuses that apply to spellcasting become extra resistance to drain from Conjuration. Conjurers are considered to have the Spirit Affinity Trait for free, but it applies to all spirit types(+1 service, +1 to all Binding Tests). They are considered to have 1 Charisma higher than normal in terms of number of spirits that may be bound. Conjurers, as a Complex Action, may heal damage to spirits they have Bound. Roll Magic + Summoning. Drain is equal to the number of blocks healed +1. Conjurers may take Astral Quests to Lower negative spirit Reputation. The threshold for success is the number of points of negative reputation the Conjurers wishes to negate. Duration hours times points x2. Costs Points x 10 in refined reagents. Bonds conjuration foci at 75% cost. Initiation Costs count as if the adept has underwent an ordeal (and if they do undergo an ordeal, it doubles the cost savings). Ally Spirits receive a 25% reduction in Karma cost.

Enchanting Specialists: There’s no helping you. You suck. This is a job for NPC's. But if you must..... Get free formulas like a spellcasting adept. Preparations last Magic x Days, base. Initiation Costs count as if the adept has underwent an ordeal (and if they do undergo an ordeal, it doubles the cost savings). Bonds enchanting foci at 75% cost. An enchanting specialist can undo any focus bound to a character, and return that Karma to that character. The focus is destroyed in this process.  If a focus an enchanting specialist has made (and bonded to himself) is taken, and bound to someone else, the karma is returned to the enchanter. Your soykaff is free at stuffer shack. People pity you that much.

Skin Link is free. You are welcome. A priority rating in technomancer gets 6 Complex forms, and the resonance Skill Group of 6. B gets forms4, Resonance Skill Group of 5 C Gets 2, Resonance skill group 4. You get 4 Resonance Programs for 1 Submersion. You can buy additional forms, with a total equal to your resonance for 5 points per form at creation, up to your Resonance rating.

Technomancers have learned to internalize Routines, that help them control forms. Getting these routines form the Resonance Realms costs Karma. Some help with dice in using forms (spellcasting focus) others in resisting Fading (Drain focus) others in compiling sprites (Conjuration focus) others help sustain forms without taxing the technomancers resources (Sustaining focus). Cost is equal to karma for a mage focus of a similar level. the Master Routine boosts the Resonance of the character (similar to a mages Power focus).  These routines are not physical objects, and cannot be lost. They can be crashed like a program. A Technomancer can rewrite a routine, saving him the karma already spent on the routine when he upgrades it to a higher level.

Technomancers can heal sprites like a Conjuration adept heals spirits from above, using Resonance + Compiling. Similar Fadign cost.