SR Missions 5-03 Gone Long Gone

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« on: (01:02:23/12-07-17) »
The Toxic Shaman "The Founder" (Paul Valley) at the end of the mission has 12 edge in his stat block...

Is this a typo? Is that even possible in the rules ? (I thought a human with lucky is the best edge you could get which caps at 8.)

If not, how are the team supposed to win this fight? He can just Toxic wave them with edge 3/4 times in the 1st turn and then call it a day.

Also, in the stat blocks for ... everyone ... they have pistols of 7 (and similar). Is this because the Agility has already been added into the stat blocks? Or are these mooks really that skilled? Seems odd...
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« Reply #1 on: (03:07:39/12-07-17) »
Yes, it is probably a typo. There hasn't been any announcements or corrections about what it should be however. I usually use either 2 (treating the "1" as an accidental extra number), or 3 (treating it as transposed with his Magic attribute).

Yes, many times the missions are written with NPCs listing Dice Pools for skills instead of skill ratings. It isn't entirely consistent however, so make sure you pay attention.