Greece in the Sixth World

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Hoi chummers! How's life been treating you all?

Naturally, in accordance with the title of the topic, I've been wondering about the state of Greece in the Sixth World since I'm planning on hosting a game set there and would like to know more.  However, I do know of the following:

  • That it has been renamed to the Federal Republic of Hellas (assuming the source isn't outdated.
  • That most of its Trolls belong to the Cyclops and Minotaur Metavariants, as well as being one of the first countries to give Centaurs citizenship.
  • That, according to Forbidden Arcana, it has a growing and vibrant Hellenic Pagan community, though I get the impression it has yet to outnumber the Greek Orthodox Church, who have their own Theurges known as Exarchs.

Apart from that, anything else I'd like to know about it...and perhaps collaborate on for ideas?


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« Reply #1 on: (21:27:02/12-03-17) »
There is the 6th world alamanc that has a brief write up of Greece in it... but doesn't give that much info (a half page)
Where am I going? And why am I in a hand basket ???

Remember: You can't fix Stupid. But you can beat on it with a 2x4 until it smartens up! Or dies.


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« Reply #2 on: (06:07:06/12-04-17) »
I did a very crude search in my 4th edition books and Greece is actually mentioned a bit more than I was expected:

Code: [Select]
4th-edition/26004 - Street Magic.pdf:The classical deities of ancient Greece and Rome are            cities of the Pacific Rim. Often tied to Japans economic might,
4th-edition/26101 - Running Wild.pdf:                                                                                                                                                Greece
4th-edition/26101 - Running Wild.pdf:Field Journal                                                            communities in Greece or the NAN doing this.
4th-edition/26101 - Running Wild.pdf:      Almost exclusive to Greece, the hydra is solitary, dwelling        patriarchs of their group.
4th-edition/26101 - Running Wild.pdf:own use. This finding suddenly granted the breed an interested           highest population center of oracle owls is in Greece and Italy.
4th-edition/26101 - Running Wild.pdf:It is called a spitting pike due to its ability to spit venom at   largest population centers in Greece. Due to mixed governmental
4th-edition/26101 - Running Wild.pdf:Unarmed Combat 5                                                          Note: Current International Status: The NAN, Greece, the Czech
4th-edition/26101 - Running Wild.pdf:                                                             devour everything in sight, including seemingly random swaths            Europe (Italy and Greece) in winter.
4th-edition/26101 - Running Wild.pdf:Range: Greece and the surrounding Balkan states                             themselves. This effectively makes the birds invisible to a bats
4th-edition/26101 - Running Wild.pdf:Range: Marshes of Spain, southern France, Italy, and Greece           brush and mud for prey.
4th-edition/26101 - Running Wild.pdf:9 4    4 11 3        2    2   3  0   3   7    1             as Greece and Hungary
4th-edition/26101 - Running Wild.pdf:Range: Greece and other areas around the Mediterranean                  3, Running 1, Unarmed Combat 3
4th-edition/26203 - Vice.pdf:up operations in Greece, Cypress, Azerbaijan, and the Balkans,              > The wordand I can barely credit thisis that Vsquez is setting up
4th-edition/26203 - Vice.pdf:forced to flee to Greece and further. When the Jihad began, spark-
4th-edition/26203 - Vice.pdf:memo from Shiawase saying that the Fanti had made off with 13.8            and black market goods into occupied Greece and Islamic Turkey.
4th-edition/26203 - Vice.pdf:about it, especially compared to the East Anatolian Turks. And                 The Grey Wolves split their base between Greece and Turkey.
4th-edition/26203 - Vice.pdf:and violencefolks in Izmir, and other places, say theyre part wolves          From Greece the Grey Wolves run a variety of interest:
4th-edition/26203 - Vice.pdf:> Picador                                                                  tastes. Surprisingly, many of their profitable enterprises in Greece
4th-edition/26205 - Sixth World Almanac.pdf: the world. Greece, Constantinople, the Sioux, Korea, India, CAS.                           the facts. Theyve done it before and we didnt have a clue until we
4th-edition/26207 - Spy Games.pdf:technomancer, feminist, or equal-opportunity agendas, there are            to S-Ks support), other countries such as Greece and Turkey have
4th-edition/26210 - Hazard Pay.pdf:                                                                                take, from Greece. By contrast, the New World, which none of the
4th-edition/26212 - Dirty Tricks.pdf:the dawn of democratic voting. Votes in ancient Greece were
4th-edition/26S018 - Euro War Antiques.pdf:they presented a united front under Emperor Leopold.                                 began to detonate in Greeces and Hungarys cities. The Russians Southern
4th-edition/26S018 - Euro War Antiques.pdf:ers for replacements. The resupply effort was largely arranged through            modern cruise missiles, while the Strikes against Greece were largely
4th-edition/26S018 - Euro War Antiques.pdf:             Turkey launched a massive assault against Greece using the loaned
4th-edition/26S018 - Euro War Antiques.pdf:utilized vehicles captured in Greece to augment their supply networks,             deployed three light brigades to block mountain passes and support
4th-edition/26S018 - Euro War Antiques.pdf:    > Are we sure youre the real you now? Or are you some kind of Matrix                  The European states inserted Special Forces into Greece to train
4th-edition/26S018 - Euro War Antiques.pdf:rudimentary tactical network compatibility also made it susceptible     > There are a number of them still sitting in a parking lot in Greece. According to
4th-edition/26S018 - Euro War Antiques.pdf:             aircraft to decimate the air defenses of Greece and Bulgaria, while                                > Black Mamba
4th-edition/26S020 - Parageology.pdf:   around Greece is so parched that even with sixty years of rain, the ground is still soaking it in.    sand vibrates and moves, coalescing and creating patterns that
4th-edition/26S020 - Parageology.pdf:  magical artifacts, came across an interesting artifact during a dig in Greece. It
4th-edition/26S034 - 10 Mercs.pdf:                Born to a tribe from northern Greece, Nikopol was captured                         ArmTech MGL-12* [High-Explosive, DV 10P, AP 2, 12/m, SS,
4th-edition/Augmentation.pdf:                                                 Disc, from the archaeological museum in Herakleion, Crete, Greece. One official stated, We will not
4th-edition/Feral Cities.pdf:   > Since they are relatively small and get tributes from all of the          Euroforces liberated Greece and broke the AfAs lines in the
4th-edition/Ghost Cartels.pdf:          (or faction thereof ) seems to be involved in the distribution and       Greece and the Balkans and along the coastal cities of the Arabian
4th-edition/Gun Heaven 2.pdf:                   The L-493 was originally commissioned by Greece to arm their         > There is a trideo of a minotaur squad going through close-combat training with
4th-edition/Gun Heaven 2.pdf:                                                                         > A shipment of these was provided to Greece for their minotaur troops to use
4th-edition/Runner Havens.pdf:with Ukraine, Romania, and Greece, and more recently the
4th-edition/Runner's Companion.pdf:          to the Mediterranean region (particularly Greece, where they           from Mikos and Laurean, Glamour and the Dryad Expression,
4th-edition/Runner's Companion.pdf:           metatype prevalent in the Mediterranean (especially Greece               rent anomalous metahuman metagenetic expressions under study.
4th-edition/Runner's Companion.pdf:           part of their fighting style, most minotaurs you encounter in Greece    metagenome. Unlike metatypes, whose functional metagenome
4th-edition/Runner's Companion.pdf:           als to craft rather than purchase.                                     Europe, particularly Greece and the Czech Republic.
4th-edition/Runner's Companion.pdf:                                                          Nations, Greece, the Czech Republic, Amazonia, Yakut, and             magically proficient naga and other sapient
4th-edition/Runner's Companion.pdf:Abilities: Allergy (choose pollutant, Mild), Allergy (choose a second   subgroup is native to Greece and the Aegean Isles. Cyclops are
4th-edition/Runner's Companion.pdf:logical critter, the satyr is native to Greece and the Mediterranean    ies, bouncers, bodyguards, or underworld enforcers.

However, sadly, there is no entry, but a few words, in Shadows of Europe (3ed) which would have been the best source of intel on the place. The wiki page on Greece has done a good job at listing all the mentions of it here and there. It would be awesome if you had the time and energy to reorganised this page into a more proprer description of the federation.

I am not sure that there was any official (or unofficial material) produced in Greece for Shadowrun (like there was for France, Germany and UK at least), but if you speak greek, maybe you should reach out to the RPG community and see if there was not some material produced at some point you could reuse.

Otherwise, remember the rule of Shadowrun (as described by Opti) of defaulting to the last coolest incarnation of one self. US went back to the Far West (because it is cool), Japan went back to the Samourai, so definitely Greece will have come back to a modernized version of Ancient Greece (not the historical one, more the one in our popular imagination).


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« Reply #3 on: (10:46:24/12-04-17) »
I have cleaned up the wiki page.

However, sadly, there is no entry, but a few words, in Shadows of Europe (3ed) which would have been the best source of intel on the place.

If I'm not mistaken Greece was specifically left out because of the potential for crossover connections. Either to leave it open or to give it more time and thought than would have been possible within Shadows of Europe's development.

There is the 6th world alamanc that has a brief write up of Greece in it... but doesn't give that much info (a half page)

It has?


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« Reply #4 on: (16:55:39/12-04-17) »
@Lokii oh fucking awesome job on wiki page! That's pretty cool :)

I don't know why and how Greece was left out, but it is certainly good that it has over being (badly) covered. Still it would be nice to have a little overview of the country being "sneaked into" a book (like a sort of update on Spain was given in the Complete Trog book).


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« Reply #5 on: (17:40:13/12-16-17) »
Well, it would seem I've been given quite a lot of leeway to work with here...which leads me to a new idea. I was thinking of a manifestation of HMHVV 1a that manifests in Greece; it is unique in that will manifest in Elven women regardless of ethnicity, with human women still becoming Nosferatu and the others simply dying off. These peculiar Infected shall be known as Gorgons, and they are even more rarer than Nosferatu; for starters, Elves are a minority in Greece so less potential victims...not to mention that the Gorgons themselves are incapable passing on their manifestation of Strain 1a. Even if they were to drain a female Elf of all her Essence,  a side-effect of their Essence Drain is calcification; those fully drained are completely turned to stone and as such, are unable to serve as viable hosts to the virus. As a result, they find themselves relying on other 1a Infected to pass on the Strain. In fact, they are so rare, the number of recorded encounters can be counted on a single hand.

What to do you guys think of that?