The Seattle Gambit (Enhanced Fiction) is now out

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It should also be available on Amazon shortly.

Sucked Back In

Former shadowrunner Yuri Yehzov has discovered that the shadows have long tendrils. Life pushed him and Soren, his new partner in crime (and everything else), to Seattle, where they’ll have to do what thousands have done before them—figure out how to scrape by and attempt to build a life.

If there’s one thing the darker corners of the Sixth World have in common, it’s the tendency to explode into violence at any moment. Yuri will discover that Seattle’s shadows are merciless and unkind, but also full of opportunity for those who can think on their feet and keep flying lead from piercing their skin. Can Yuri move fast enough to stay upright in the worldwide capital of shadowrunning? He’s about to find out.

The Seattle Gambit is new Shadowrun fiction that also includes NPC, gear, and other rules that appear in the story. Read the story, then use the rules to dive into the action! The Seattle Gambit’s rules are for use with Shadowrun, Fifth Edition, though the basic concepts and story can also be used with Shadowrun: Anarchy.

This product includes PDF, mobi and epub versions of The Seattle Gambit.

For those that are all about the crunch:
the story clocks in at around 30k words, making it almost 3 times longer than Vladi Gauntlet.
The story features heavily the Halloweener gang, so the "enhanced" part focuses on... well, psychotic fire stuff. We have:
  • Stick-n-Shock flechette,
    the LONE STAR SECURESECTOR MK2, a very basic, cheap drone whose main attraction is a spotlight,
    the Halloweener BB Lighter, a street-made flamethrower (just don't glitch),
    Halloweener's recipe for Molotov cocktail,
    new negative quality - Buster Cyberware,
    and finally stats for a Troll Halloweener heavy, run of the mill ganger, and then a First Nation ganger stats.

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Excellent! Thanks for the heads up.


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S-n-S Flechette?