[SR5] Do Pilot Programs have Personas?

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« on: (20:59:25/11-29-17) »
  Not the most important thing in the sixth world, but I have a matrix appearance question.  I GM stores and conventions so I do my best to stay consistent with the books (and my book-fu has failed me here).
  First, I get that devices are small-sized, personas are medium-sized, hosts are large-sized ... and never the three shall meet.
  I also get that even persona-capable devices are just devices unless someone or something is using their persona on it, in which case "the device’s icon is subsumed by the persona’s icon" Core pg.127.

 Unattended commlink = Device
    Commlink in use by a person = Persona
 Unattended deck = Device
    Deck in use by an agent = Persona
 Vehicle without a pilot program = Device.
    Vehicle in use by a pilot program = ??

  What does our intrepid PC hacker in Virtual Reality see when he encounters an automated delivery truck or an independent Steel Lynx drone?  A small device?  A medium persona?  Both?  Is there a difference between a vehicle/drone that has a rigger interface vs one that does not?


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« Reply #1 on: (03:28:58/11-30-17) »
Pilot programs are specialized agent...
My point of view.