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« on: (14:41:16/11-15-17) »
I just have a little request. If someone have ever run in Montréal, I am actually looking for some place of interest.
Ambitious project to let my boyfriend play in our city, but I need a little help to star.
And yes I read Montreal 2074...

So thanks for your help !


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« Reply #1 on: (16:22:03/11-15-17) »
I played a game set in Montréal a few years ago (before Montréal 2074 got out), but I only had a handful of paragraphs written down.

Montréal is the largest sprawl in Québec, with a population between 4 and 6 millions. The sprawl is located at the junction point between the Saint Laurent and Outaouais rivers, and spread over two large islands and the two banks.

- The île de Montréal. Downtown Montréal comprises the Vieux-Montréal, Mont Royal and the international district (the business skyscrapper district), Chinatow.
The Ville Intérieure is the underground area which connect subways stations, malls, hotels, the university and Chinatown..., forming a giant mall. During winter, it allows to walk from one place to another without getting out. As a result, it also allows to walk from one extraterritorial enclave in downtown to another.
Little Italy and the larger Italian and Haitian districts are in the northern suburbs.
The Montréal-Trudeau international airport is on the western part of the island. The West End, which comprises the English-speaking neighbourhoods of Kirkland and Beaconsville, is outside the limit of the city of Montréal, directly south of the airport (getting loud fly-over), on the southwestern tip of the island.

- The île Jésus is covered by the city of Laval. It includes residential neighborhoods, hi-tech and pharmaceutical industries and services companies.

- The rive sud [southern bank] around the city of Longueil, includes residential neighborhoods and aerospace industries. The outer suburb are called the couronne sud [south crown].

- The rive nord [northern bank] most significant location is the Montréal-Mirabel international airport, which is mostly used to cargo airplanes and as such is mostly corporate ground. The outer suburbs is (you guess it) the couronne nord [north crown].

Corporate presence
18 zones d'entreprises were established in the Montréal sprawl. There were attributed to Ares Macrotechnology (two, AresSpace/Pratt & Whitney in Longueil, plus the former Cross, now Info-Santé in Laval), Aztechnology (three, Aztechnology in downtown Montréal, their subsidiary Génétique in Laval and their subsidiary Esprit Industries in Montréal East), ESUS (two, in Trudeau and Mirabel), MCT (in downtown Montréal), Evo, Monobe International, Neonet, Prometheus Engineering, Renraku Computer Systems, Saeder-Krupp, Yokogawa and Zeta-Impchem.
Lone Star Security Services operates the local branc Gendarmerie SA, which handle law enforcement in all Québec.

Criminal activities
The Mafia runs Montréal underworld. The top two families are the Rizzuto (sicilians) et and the Cotroni (calabrese), in Little Italy and the northern boroughs of Montréal Island. Both are in touch with the powerful Bonanno family of New York City. The West End Gang (irish) controls the english-speaking areas of Kirkland and Beaconsville. The Hellsouls bikers gang, who do business with the mafia, also have their headquarters in West End.
The Triads are almost never seen outside of Chinatow, and the Yakuza never managed to gain a foothold in Montréal.


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« Reply #2 on: (16:46:08/11-15-17) »

Try this thread;

There's a dropbox link in the 5th post down - Montreal is one of the cities I've updated and added extra stuff on.

Hope this helps! Any problems, PM me.
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« Reply #3 on: (10:07:21/11-16-17) »
Thanks a lot!! I really considering to make an interactive map of Montreal ... one day...
I love the idea to include Rive-Sud and Ile Jésus...   I grew up in Laval I lived few years in Longueuil and now I am in Montreal since 3 years, but there's a lot of secret I don't know ;)

Corporate presence will definitely help me

Sidslick.. I didn't read all your document but good job, I will look at that with more attention! Humm now I want to go eat smokedmeat...(Schwart's )

I will probably forget The Forum and take Centre Bell (to rename later) -

I still don't know where I am going with all this.. I see so much possibilities.... I have never DM and I am playing Shadowrun for less than a year... So planning a game for my love, it is a big challenge for me... So he will play a Private Investigator, character creation in progress...
I would like to introduce a new player in criminal syndicate..  But I need to find why and everything with goes with that...

So thaks a lot It will be very usefull for me !


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« Reply #4 on: (08:49:06/12-07-17) »
Just caught this post - I wrote Montreal 2074, so if you have any questions I can help answer, let me know.
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« Reply #5 on: (09:17:37/12-07-17) »


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« Reply #6 on: (10:10:28/12-07-17) »
Sorry for the late reply.  One suggestion for an investigator character is to start with essentially one neighbourhood.  It could be one you know well, one that you really like, one that you think would be interesting in 2077, whatever.  At the beginning the investigator has to deal with the local police, the local gangs, the local organized crime boss, he has his favorite places to go around the neighbourhood.  That helps build up a sense of 'home' and let's you start play without having to do too much massive world building.

Only once you've done a few smaller scale adventures do you need to worry about adding things like megacorps, the broader city politics, and all of that.  And by then you might have a better idea of what interests you both, so you can focus your world building a bit more.

My game has only gone to Montreal briefly a couple of times (so far), but one thing I put in that might interest you is Wuxing having a very large facility where they move cargo from deep sea freighters to the smaller ships that go up the St. Lawrence and the Great Lakes.  Because they have extra-territoriality the cargo isn't subject to Quebec customs and inspections.  But the facility is large enough and employs enough people that the security has gaps (maybe deliberately?) so that a certain amount of material is smuggled out of there to avoid the restrictions and duties that Quebec puts on things.

Oh, and I'm pretty sure that the Dorval airport was renamed from the Pierre Elliot Trudeau airport to the Rene Levesque airport :)