Need some help with a game ?

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« on: (18:56:26/11-06-17) »
Currently running a 5E game based in Seattle ( just love the classics) and the story revolves around a prominent family and their AA  status company. Hubby is a smooth talking big wheel that runs several furniture mills all over the the world and has recently landed in the big arena that is the Seattle Sprawl. Wife is the PR person for the company among other thing. They have a few entitled rugrats but the important one is the one on the way.
  So the wife being the Big Bad in the story (or at least her child) has 2 brothers and they are real pillars of the community as well running subsidiary companies as well. But they also have a secret 1 run a splinter faction of the Brotherhood of the Flesh  and the other runs a group of  Ta Makrina. Both from 10 terrorist btw.
  Now to the question part want to get the story moving again but not force it down their throats. Already tried the kidnap and torture of an NPC and a low level contact of one of the players but didnt seem to have the desired effect ?   


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« Reply #1 on: (16:21:42/01-03-18) »
     AA, huh? Not many of those around that makes their business in furniture. Speaking of furniture, ever notice how much empty space is underneath ever chair, sofa, and dresser? Geez, you could hide some hefty amounts of drugs in them. It would make it easier to transport those goods in higher business levels like this. pawn some off to those gang-affiliated brothers to spread the "word" about the new found business of bed bussing, which might just contain the new hit under the fancy ruffles. The wife is the Big Bad? She's running the drug operation under her hubby's noes. She's actually making more money than he is. She can do whatever she wants after just a little more moolah comes in through the shipments.

     Then again, you could turn the tables to have it the other way around. Granted, I know very little about how you want this to turn out. Is this company the team's target? Are they their to protect the one on the way, cuz I bet those brothers wouldn't mind a business to share off of.

     Who was torturing the npc? someone in the company?
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« Reply #2 on: (18:27:56/01-03-18) »
IKEA would probably count as a double-A furniture megacorp. Remember, AA-level megacorps have extraterritoriality -- on their own turf, they make their own rules. So they don't smuggle drugs, they just "transport pharmaceuticals." An IKEA-scale furniture company would have access to lots of wilderness areas for raw materials, which could provide a healthy cover for talislegging.

Suppose the Big Bad uses a team of in-house shadowrunners to support her unfair business practices -- gathering business intelligence, sabotaging competitors, etc. Suppose this rival team started running afoul of the players' activities -- snatching objectives from under their noses, intimidating contacts, generally making nuisances of themselves. A little direct competition might draw their attention.


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« Reply #3 on: (16:30:22/01-04-18) »
You're going to have to figure out a way to make the PCs care. How you do this will depend on the PCs and their characters, so I can't give you too much direct help there. Once you get the PCs to care, then you bring them in to the deeper parts of things. Just don't expect things to go very linear in approach - PCs have a way of taking the road less traveled...

Also, I would have a back-up plot ready to use. The sad reality of being a GM is that sometimes, even if you think you have a really great story to tell, your players just don't care. In those situations, its best to just abandon the idea and start again then try to shoe horn the players into something they are not interested in.

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« Reply #4 on: (05:37:10/01-15-18) »
This is what I have read and try to understand it. It is really helpful.