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Netzumi and Nanoplasmosis
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Ok now  I've read most of the stuff pertaining to this as a stop gap or a possible cure for CFD. So the question here isn't whether or not it will work or not. The question is ive looked at all my SR 4 and 5 books and cant seen to find the specs for the Netzumi race or critter? Only thing ive been able to find is a Rat like critter with samurai type armor and weapons. Now yes i know i could create the race but wanted to see if it was already done. Dont get me wrong the temptation is to make a TMNT set up. But looking for something already in print 


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Re: Netzumi and Nanoplasmosis
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1st Nezumi not Netzumi

Quote from: Running Wild pg 192
Nezumi (E-Rats, Technomuridae)
Nezumis include all varieties of rat and mice. E-rats often use their talent to locate RFID-containing foods in households or garbage dumps. Clever and intrigued by electronics devices, they can understand and interact with all kinds of gadgets, using them for their advantage. See Norwegian Rat, p. 93 for physical statistics.
Average Resonance: 2
Firewall Res
Response Res
System Res
Signal Res
Matrix-VR Init Response x 2
IP 3
Matrix Skills: Computer 3, Electronic Warfare 3, Hardware 3, Software 3
Complex Forms: Analyze 3, Command 3, Defuse 3, Decrypt 3, Edit 4, Scan 5, Spoof 3
Emergent Powers: AR-Parallelism, Diagnostics, Technovantage (E-Sensing), Technovantage (Skinlink)

Quote from: Parazoology 2 pg 37
Vector: ingestion
Speed: 1 Day (8 )
Penetration: -2
Power: 10
Nature: Parasitic
Effect: Special
This unusual protozoan infects nanosystems, destroying the nanites as if it were a competing species. This protozoan not only feeds off the organic compounds found in soft nanites, but it has the ability to resonate a field that jams individual nanites.
Nanoplasmosis degrades nanites faster by any remaining Power rating it has after a disease Resistance Test. If the Power is reduced to 0, one nanosystem is still permanently reduced by 1. If an infected subject has a nanohive, the protozoans infiltrate the system, preventing the creation of new nanites. The going hypothesis is that the protozoan Awakened within a netzumi and is transmitted through fecal matter.