Custom Weapons and Gear from our campaign (with Hero Lab .user files!)

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Ahoi Chummers, linked to below are some of the custom gear and weapon items we use in our campaign.

These are herolab .user files, drop them into your herolab Game System Data Folder, it's usually called Shadowrun5 I believe.


link to realmworks descriptions:

Bonus, redditor Delnar built chummer files for them:

"Here is a link to the Chummer5 conversion. If you are using 5.195 or later (currently, 5.195 is the nightly), just unzip the folder inside into your /customdata/ folder, go into Options > Optional Rules, enable the corresponding custom data directory, restart Chummer, enable the "Adzling's Custom Campaign Content" sourcebook that should now appear, and you should be set. If you don't see it in your custom data directory list, just add it manually. The only thing I could not convert is that one of the weapons is supposed to be able to fire 15-bullet FA attacks."
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