[SR5] Question about Drones and Autonomy

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« on: (09:33:52/09-21-17) »
It's possible that I've misinterpreted the rules somewhat, but as far as I'm aware drones have some level of autonomy to them. However, the rules are incredibly vague. What do drones do when I'm not directly jumped in? Do they act on their own in combat?
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The Pilot rating measures how "smart" the autonomous systems (the "dogbrain") in the drone are, thus how complex a set of instructions they can carry out on their own. If you the rigger/operator have given them the command of "shoot anyone wearing this (insert picture) jacket" then most drones capable of carrying weapons will do so. However, if you tell your drones shoot only this guy (insert picture) when he is wearing a kimono (insert picture) made by this designer" the lower pilot ratings might not be able to get it right.
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Drones that you are not actively jumped into act and respond on their own separate initiatives on the last orders they received.

What those orders are, and how well they can carry them out is judged by their Pilot Rating as Spooky said.

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