SR4 chummer missing emergence and a few other books?

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« on: (16:57:27/10-06-17) »
I am trying to use chum 4e to make a potential game and when I try to add books I am noticing that my PDF collection has more 4e books than chum lists. Emergence for example isn't in chummer to pick.

Is there a reason or am I just using some outdated one from the chum4e homepage?


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« Reply #1 on: (01:46:49/10-08-17) »
There's no gear, qualities, or other such things that Chummer works with in some books.  The "Game Information" sections in Emergence alone are just details of the universe setting alone, like "In The World Today" kind of things.

Now if Emergence happened to have some extras for technomancers, like qualities, echoes, or new complex forms (like Unwired had), then Emergence would have an entry to choose from.