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Spotting outside a Host
« on: (16:27:43/09-22-17) »
If an icon is inside a host, can you spot it (automaticly) if you with 100m of the device creating it? EX a rotodrone flies around the perimeter of its building. The drone is slaved to the building's host. Can I spot it?

**yes this assumes a slave to a wan is inside the Host.
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Re: Spotting outside a Host
« Reply #1 on: (05:57:44/09-23-17) »
If a icon is just inside a host then you can not spot it, (meaning say a persona on a comlink that went in side a host, can not been seen automaticly with in 100m out side of the host.

If a drone is slaved to the building's host then it is outside the host and inside the host at the same time due to
 "If you are in a host that has a WAN, you are considered directly connected to all devices in the WAN", the host can't def the drone if you got a direct connection.

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Re: Spotting outside a Host
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I don't suppose you have a reference for the first part?
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Re: Spotting outside a Host
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The question is, why you assume that slaving an icon would necessitate it being inside the host.

Being inside a host means you have direct connection to all icons in the WAN, which allows you to see them, but it does not mean that the icons are inside the host.
Only icons that can perform the enter host action can enter a host (and technically files since those can be copied, but that's more like sending messages which can be done through the barrier of a host)

As for the visibility:
"The virtual space inside a host is separate from the outside grid. When you’re outside of a host, you can’t interact directly with icons inside it, although you can still send messages, make commcalls, and that sort of thing. Once you’re inside, you can see and interact with icons inside the host, but not outside (with the same caveat for messages, calls, etc.)" p.246 core
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Re: Spotting outside a Host
« Reply #4 on: (09:11:40/09-26-17) »
Yeah, thatīs one of the many big issues with the current Matrix rules:
  • On one hand, it is stated that, once inside the host, you benefit from a direct connection to devices slaved to the host...
  • ... on the other hand, you supposedly canīt see/target these devices since they arenīt inside the host :o
IMO, it should be obvious that this isnīt RAI and that slaved devices can be in fact percieved and targetted from inside the host. Else, what would be the benefit of infiltrating a host to scramble physical security? And why would the Security Spiders dwell inside the host if they canīt check camera feeds and device states from there?

However, thereīs little to no information on how the Matrix iconography for slaved devices inside the host might look like. When GMing, I often resort to stationary "backends" to control the devices. For Cameras, this might be a simple TV screen, for Drones it might be an Arcade Gaming station etc. Donīt know if thatīs what the devs had in mind. However, when you ask that question for anything Matrix, the honest answer is probably "the next magic supplement" ::)
PS: Thereīs a lot more mushy stuff about hosts, f.i. the statement that hosts are "always on", and that they exist purely in the Matrix, with no physical backbone ever. However, some Adventure hooks (canīt be arsed to look them up right now - sorry, chummers^^) mention stationary hosts that can be only accessed by direct connections. Also, why the Stealth attribute? Can Hosts run silently? Soooo many questions there! Time for an actual Matrix rulebook, amirite?  ;D 
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Re: Spotting outside a Host
« Reply #5 on: (09:30:28/09-26-17) »
Simply put, Device Icons can never be inside hosts. Slaved devices are treated as being directly connected, but they don't enter the host ever.

The rotodrone would be spottable yes, but probably running silent and using the Hosts attribute to attempt to stay that way.

As for anyone's confusion to what you can and can't see from a can always see devices you have a direct connection to, regardless of being in a host or not. While in a host, you are treated as having a direct connection to devices slaved to it. Therefore, you can see them from the host too. At least that's how I've always ran it.