[SR5][Missions] SRM07-06 Windy City Chaos

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The Lost Colony

Maybe you might misplace a commlink. Or lose a box holding a few stray bullets. But who loses an entire community? Well, itís Chicagoís Containment Zone, where a large group of people disappearing is not the strangest thing to happen this month. Or this week. Or today. But even if itís not the strangest thing, itís the one someone is willing to pay runners to investigate. So itís important.

The thing is, a whole group of people doesnít just disappear easily. Or nicely. Some of the powers that like to stay hidden in the Containment Zone are going to make themselves visible, and shadowrunners need to survive their appearance. And see if they can save some lives while theyíre at it.

SRM 07-06: Windy City Chaos is an adventure for Shadowrun, Fifth Edition. Whether you have played a Mission before or are diving in right here, it presents a strong challenge for runners to see if they can survive some of the cityís extremes. Plot elements from this Mission can also be used with Shadowrun: Anarchy.

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