Food Fight 2.0

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« on: (23:48:27/09-09-17) »
I was looking up all the Food Fight scenarios to see how it has evolved, and I can't find the SR2 Food Fight 2.0, but I remember it.

So, where is it?


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« Reply #1 on: (05:03:12/09-10-17) »
I know it is in First Runs (3ed),  but I'm not sure it has been republished since then..


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« Reply #2 on: (07:52:35/09-10-17) »
Food Fight 4.0 was released with the 4e QSR; can be found here on DTRPG

Fast Food Fight (aka Food Fight 5.0) was released with the 5e QSR and can be found here on CGL.

I haven't come across a 2.0 version, unfortunately.


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« Reply #3 on: (13:36:19/09-10-17) »
The original "Food Fight" was in the First Edition core rulebook (p.219). The players just happen to be in a Stuffer Shack when the "Chiller Thrillers" (a trio of street punks named Slicer Dicer, Wendy, and Static) try to hold up the place. One of the customers was Sally Tsung, a veteran runner who would step in if beginners got over their heads.

As far as I know, it was never updated for Second Edition, so there is no "Food Fight 2.0."

It was updated for Third Edition in First Run (p.11), call this one "Food Fight 3.0." Same situation: the Chiller Thrillers (SlicerDicer, Zany, and Static) pick the wrong night to rob a Stuffer Shack.

"Food Fight 4.0" can be found in the Fourth Edition Quick Start Rules (p.15). Still set in a Stuffer Shack, but the Chiller Thrillers have been replaced by a quartet of hitmen (Stooby, Crank, Joeby, and Fornis) who are targeting one of the customers but trying to disguise the hit as random street violence.

"Food Fight 5.0" in the Fifth Edition Quick Start Rules (p.19) has the same assassination plot and characters, but moves the action from Stuffer Shack to a McHugh's restaurant. But the latest version (call it "Food Fight 5.1"?), in the Alphaware box set ("Plots and Paydata," p.14), moves it back to Stuffer Shack.