World savers?

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I have an example of a run my GM threw at us recently.


Once we found out, we walked out. refunded 75% of the deposit, and told the Johnson to never contact us again.

Late to the party here but I've been sick for the last two weeks.

@Reaver, thanks for the write-up. What were the consequences of aborting the run? Did your GM give you points of Notoriety? Any impact to the karma awards, positive or negative? Any fallout from Medtech, who might have figured out why you bailed and then wanted to tie off loose ends?

Alternatively, if you hadn't figured out the evil plot (due to poor dice rolls or bad luck), would your GM have hit you with those consequences? News reports, or children of your contacts or associates dying, etc?

Our GM is an awesome, evil bastard :D
He has no problems in letting us know when we have done something "bad"... Usually with Trid news covering what is going on and leaving us to piece together how we fit into that. Mind you, there has been cases where we are deliberately evil bastards ourselves and just don't care. (like the time we burned down 3 Yak safehouses in a single night. while they were filled in Yakuza members! Mob warfare is hell. But great for smores!)

It is also worth pointing out that our team, aside from the techno, averages out at the 4500+ Karma mark. (I think the Techno has about 800 Karma? we have all been playing since 1e, but she wanted to make a techno for 4e... and our Evil GM allowed her to.. as a fresh character!)
When you have been running the shadows for that long, you amass a reputation just for being around THAT long.... so Notoriety/fame is already fairly high... depending on the side of the job you are on. The Johnson did try to do a little push back. Twice. The first time was a name smear campaign, which didn't really work as all of have contacts lists that are numbered in PAGES and know when something doesn't sound right when they hear it. We sent a "gentle reminder" that things could go much, much worse for him if he kept that up. the Second attempt was a direct hit squad of other runners. After we dealt with the hit squad, we paid the Johnson a visit and had a nice long talk. Just us, him, his wife, a cheese grater and coagulant spray.

We DID send his boss at Neo-net a fruit basket, with a note to take care of who they hire to replace him however. HE got the message.. and the sim-sense recording.

(I never said we were "good" just that we have principles.)
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Where am I going? And why am I in a hand basket ???

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Sounds like my kind of game.
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