MilSpecTech now available!

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Heck, I'd love to see a return of formalized stats like Powerplant, Movement Type, Passenger Capacity, Carge Space, etc. I mean, for a lot of vehicles the info is already in their descriptions, it would be nice to have that info standardized and part of the actual stat blocks again. The current Vehicle rules are a little schizophrenic, having extremely detailed stats for some parts (like Sensors) but seemingly refusing to stat out other very basic info (like passenger space).

You have no idea how much I agree with you here.

That was actually one of my projects for Issue 3 of the DDH, had that gone through, was to basically work up these stats for all current SR4 vehicles and drones.

I'd like actual sizes too, not just generalities or basing things on Body. 



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You have no idea how much I agree with you here.

Signed, too :)
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First impressions:

  • No listing of similar models. Understandable, because this is explicitly in the format of the SR toy catalogs of yesteryear, so Ares isn't going to tell you three other manufacturers make essentially the same product. And it's not like coming up with product names is particularly hard, but once you're used to getting canonical lists for such things, you tend to miss it when you don't.
  • Stats for the CAS/GD Stonewall MBT. I've been waiting for an official take on those since I was a Sophomore in High School. I just turned 35. Bit underwhelmed to see that the rumored magical integration listed on the back page of the Rigger Black Book where someone had liberated a file on the prototype were either just a one-off for the prototype itself, or just garden variety wards and anchored barrier spells cast by the armored platoon's mage and not a manufacturer's standard feature, or just misdirection placed by the CAS counterintelligence boys. But if I can get over Santa Claus being not real, I can deal with it.
  • Finally, the comment about a bunch of hackers acting like they're experts on military hardware and Fastjack chalking it up to tradition? Nice touch.
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