Run Faster Second Printing

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« on: (11:38:16/09-01-17) »
So I've been out of the shadows for a while and noticed that there was a second printing of Run Faster. This second printing is supposed to address some issues in the original printing. Is it worth the nuyen to get it or just stick with the original?


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« Reply #1 on: (13:02:31/09-01-17) »
My recommendation is to buy PDFs from Drive thru RPG. best place to get PDFs. They keep the PDFs in a library attached to you account so you can re download at any time in the future I have books I ordered 3 or 4 years ago that I can still down load copies if I want, and there BIGGEST selling point is it will be automatically upgraded to 2nd or 3rd printing ect. when those are released AND they send you an email letting you know that your book has been updated. Another fun fact is you will be able to see and download the older printings as well if you want to for some reason.

I say all this so you can avoid this issue going forward as I have. Also just wait till they have their Black Friday sale this year when everything goes into 50% off territory if your trying to get all the PDFs for a system cause your making the switch over to PDFs.