Missing bits I would like to see for Technomancer (as GM)

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I know there is a thread about the technomancer books, but here I just want to share some ideas, as a GM, of things I would like to see outthere more to "outfit" my Technomancer opponent, and gives them some very cool power, to scare my PCs :)

* Resonance Background - technically a Dissonant background could increase Noise for a regualar Technomancer, but instead of that, I would like to see a Resonance Background acting exactly as a Magical Background. That will deter any PC technomancer to "run into" the Dissonant TM HQ without a good plan :)

* Ritual Complex Forms - having ideas (and mechanics) on how a small group of technomancer could perform a Ritual, to what end and how it could mess with their oppenent, would be also pretty.

* Dissonant Specific Complex Forms - because bad guys also needs their cool stuff..

Feel free to contribute and comment, this is a very free form thread...