Increasing base karma in Chummer

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« on: (09:10:10/08-31-17) »
My GM is using Priority Generation to allow us to create characters, but he's also given us extra Karma to build with. I don't see a place to change the base Karma in Chummer to reflect this. Is it possible?
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« Reply #1 on: (11:35:14/08-31-17) »
I don't think so... there is a checkbox I think that lets you disregard rules, letting you go over your regular karma limit. Then, when in career mode, you can just balance out your karma. 


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« Reply #2 on: (15:53:39/08-31-17) »
The other option is just to put the character into career mode and add the extra Karma.  There's a specific way to add non-career Karma so it doesn't affect your Reputation and such.  Just be sure to save a separate copy of the character BEFORE you put them into career.  Chummer doesn't let you go back into build mode from career.


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« Reply #3 on: (21:10:21/08-31-17) »
When you set it to priority at the start of chargen you can enter in the precise amount where it says 800. Tried toying around with it to see if it made sense to give prime runners more, but prime is... odd.