Looking for feedback for dual discipline mage job titles, more details inside

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I would think corps would use some of the titles listed above along with some others like Combat Mage, Medical Mage, Astral Support, Astral Security, Support Mage, Control Mage etc.

Most of that would be tied to their function and spell list.

Combat Mage would have a robust list of combat spells or spells that are useful in combat situations if not necessarily from the combat school. Probably expected to also have decent counter spelling as well.

Medical Mage is going ot have a robust list of Health and Detection spells all focused on diagnosing health problems and fixing them. Probably expected to have decent First aid skills as well to apply non magical aid when its cheaper and just as effective.

Astral Support is going to be good at summoning and binding spirits so he can combat drop the spirit army on the enemy or deal with hostile spirits. Maybe good at astral combat as well.

Astral Security will have a nice selection of Wards and barriers and be good and putting them up. Probably good and summoning and binding spirits as well. Honestly an overlapping title with Astral support, the main differential would be being able to put up wards.

I think you get the Idea. Alot of organization would work with these as well as the Chief of Thaumaturgical Operations etc. The Fancy ones would probably be fore important supervisors and managers who dont want to be just a Combat Mage.