An Anti-Magic Concept

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« on: (16:46:00/08-06-17) »
So, pre-face:
I long wanted to do an Anti-Magic character, based on Surge, and call him Pariah.
Now, with FA, there's an actual Tradition called as such, so the name's right out. But the concept's ripe.
Problem is, the character isn't really good at anything. Besides blocking spells, I suppose.
Backstory synopsis: Character unwittingly is sent by mage into mana warp, surge, awakening, wants to take it out on who he thinks is at fault.

So, I wonder, what direction could I take this? 

Here goes:

(I'm using an old Excel Sheet for the output, so it might be a bit illegible, I'll clean it up later)

Attributes (-350 Karma)
BODY 3 | AGIlity 4 | REAction 3 | STRength 3
WILLpower 5 | LOGic 3 | INTution 4 | CHArisma 3
Magic: 4 Edge: 3
Physical  4
Mental  5
Social  6
Physical 8  + 2d6
Damage Boxes
Physical: 10
Stun: 11

Arcane Arrester 1
Magic Sense
Astral Hazing
Skin Pigmentation
1 positive I forgot about. Maybe heat sense or something.

Positive Qualities
TBD - Sharpshooter is probably a good one

Negative Qualities
Prejudiced - Common/Biased (Awakened)  (+5)


Mystic Adept - Nullwizard - Pariah Tradition

Astral Perception 1
Critical Strike(skills) 1
Killing Hands 1
Spell Resistance 1
Nerve Strike 1 (for Chakra Interrupter)
Heightened Concern 1

Active Skills (-253 Karma ; 20 of thatin R1 skillgroups; Not sure if I really need them all, but if I need to edge something, having Attrib +1 as a base is better than Attrib -1)
Combat SkillsSkillStat #TotalSpecialization
UNARMED COMBAT6AGI (4)10(12)disabling(nerve strike etc)
LONGARMS5AGI (4)9(11)Aimed Shots
Physical SkillsSkillStat #TotalSpecialization
Social SkillsSkillStat #TotalSpecialization
CON1CHA (3)4
Magical SkillsSkillStat #TotalSpecialization
COUTERSPELLING6MAG (4)10+2(12+2)Combat spells
I was wondering whether I should pick disenchanting or banishing, and decided on neither.

Technical SkillsSkillStat #TotalSpecialization
Vehicle SkillsSkillStat #TotalSpecialization

Equipment & Augmentation
Geneware (-0.6 Essence)
Synaptic Accelaration Genmod
Something costing ~0.2 Essence that I forgot listing properly
Only genware to facilitate drug compatibility

As this is a concept as of yet, knowledge skills haven't been allocated; They will be made to fit the backstory once it's fully fleshed out.

Fake SIN, Rating 4
3x Fake license Rating 4

3x Shiawase Arms Rain
1x Melee with hardening and laser sight
60x Flechette rounds
50x Spare clip
50x Gel rounds
10x Regular ammo
10x APDS

2x Pioneer 60

50x Spare clip
10x Gel rounds
10x Regular ammo
10x APDS

2x Concealable holster

2x Flash-pak

2 Armored jackets with chemical protection 1 and non-conductivity 2

2 Meta Links
2 Renraku Senseis
2 Trodenets
20 Stealth Tags
4 Cyberprograms, common use (to fill the links with something useful)
2 Flashlights
1x Defiance EX Shocker with Laser sight
I went heavily for redundancy here, with cheap weapons that can be abandoned if the need arises.

Contacts to be done
14 Points to spread around, though I could spend more Karma.

This is in Karma Gen, which explains the bunch of rating 1 qualities - it just barely costs anything.
As you can see, it's not quite done, with Positive Qualities and Contacts missing, and probably another negative Quality as well. Atm I have some 41 Karma left to spend.
My main problem is that, aside from making life hell for magicians independent of their affiliation, the character doesn't really have any talents. Karma generation doesn't lend itself to focusing on attributes, so reaching even 12 dice is kind of difficult. I went without classic ware because I fancied using eternal flower later on.
The character has a middling performance in combat, both unarmed and with shotguns, and with sufficient aim time can probably pop decent shots from his cheap hunting rifle.
Maybe some decent custom drug could help this one out of mediocrity?
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« Reply #1 on: (00:58:35/08-07-17) »
The feel of your character right now screams bounty hunter or assassin.

Strive for Perfection sounds right up this character's alley.
Maybe Consummate Professional and Avenging Angel for some character and karma.
Have you considered a martial art style?

Need to rework your SURGE traits.
17 positive vs. 15 negative.

Would a Pariah use adept powers?

Drawing a blank on your augs.

What are your knowledge skills?


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« Reply #2 on: (05:34:18/08-07-17) »
Huh, after yesterday, didn't really expect the post to go through at all. The forum connection...

Anyways, Knowledge skills haven't been decided yet; That kind of depends on how I fill out the fluff.
Surge, I originally wanted striking skin pigmentation or the like, but I forgot what positive I had selected in turn to balance that again, so I didn't write it yet.

Regarding Adept powers...  well, I wouldn't know. Depends on the character, doesn't it?
The Book says 'the curse of being able to fight magic with magic', or some such. So I figured stuff like Magic Resistance would be right up his alley.
In any case, to use spell defense, Astral Sight is kind of a given - know thy enemy. The entirety of the melee powers is basically just there to facilitate Chakra Interrupter; To use Nerve Strike to sap an opponents Magic.
I'd wish Hapsum-Do was available to non-Adepts, but as it stands it is not. If it was, I might've dropped the entire Adept thing and went with an Aspected Magician Base.
What other MAs could be useful here?

Regarding specialization - Yeah, that seems like a good fit - Especially if the target is magically active. Not the same coolness factor as 2e's Nega-Mage (I think it was 2?), but it'll do.
Not sure I have enough skillpoints to really utilize aimed shots properly, yet; I suppose strong disablers at only a 3 penalty sounds juicy, but if the target is on top of their game 10 dice might be a bit low to actually hit?

Thanks for the feedback, in any case!  :)
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« Reply #3 on: (08:32:51/08-07-17) »
So, I'm gonna put my 2 cents in on a Pariah with Adept powers. Have them all be passive abilities and the character is conditioned to believe that he is just naturally the apex predator with his null wizard status.

I'd help out with optimizing Karma, but honestly karma builds give me headaches, hahaha. I do wish you all the luck in the world for that.

As for knowledge skills, I'd put into stuff like knowing traditions and nature of magic stuff and drop arcana. I could be misinterpreting things, but Arcana seems to be about creating spell formulas, foci, and other stuff around learning spells, but as a Null Wizard Pariah, you don't necessarily learn spells ever really, so it seems like its a skill not needed. Now, if you shift over to researching knowledge topics, I feel like that would help lend credence to an Occult Investigator type  to where you study up on your opponent and get gear suitable for the task at hand. Like knowing when the vodoo tradition likes to do their sacrifices or where a druidic circle would form to have nature reclaim the land. Maybe I'm wrong though and arcana bizarrely fits in that.

If you do go this route, might I suggest College Education quality to get Magical Theory(academic), Threats and Traditions for lowered costs? Though, I'd almost swap Intuition for Logic then.

My only thing with this idea is that there are magical powers that require a drain check and the forbidden arcana version i have, there is no drain stat to use so idk if you can actually do any of that stuff with adept powers.
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« Reply #4 on: (09:30:57/08-07-17) »
Yeah, drain is a bit of a bummer, I'll just have to pick one and stick with it until Errata comes out. After all, there are uses for counterspelling that cause drain. I figured Intuation would fit Pariahs best, though there could be an Argument made for 2x Wil, or Wil + Cha.
Regarding Arcana, it's sort of an active knowledge skill, so it might not be particularly useful, but I feel it's something this character might have.
Most important, however, Arcana is required to initiate, and Pariahs can clearly do that. Indeed, I'm hoping that the 'Opposition' Metamagic that Pariahs can get will be something interesting and worthwhile once it is introduced with the same Errata that'll hopefully give us the drain stats.

This thread is rather productive when it comes to a search for improving the backstory.
So far I have mundane supremacist, bounty hunter , occult investigator ... good stuff.
Guess I'll have to watch for what Qualities I pick with the knowledge skills, as well.

As said, Adept powers can't all be passive, for I need Astral sight.
Again thanks for the input!
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« Reply #5 on: (13:58:23/08-07-17) »
just like an astral combat build, it's easy for an anti-magic build to become good at one thing, anti-magic, something pretty niche that a more standard full magician can also do with a lot more options. 

This kind of character doesn't need a high magic rating. Magic 1 will do for assensing, counterspelling, foci, etc.
I feel like being mysad is kind of wasted on such a character. Either be a magician/explorer who can astrally project, or just be an aspected sorcerer who can assense naturally and use counterspelling. 
My preference would be a Magic 1 aspected sorcerer who is also a combat specialist (melee preferable for weapon foci use). You just build like any other street sam, but you also have a magic rating 1 and maxed counterspelling and use a weapon focus in melee and have a little assensing.
A regular full magician is the most "anti-magic" concept. If you want to negate magic without using much magic, I think the next on the line is a combat character who is tough to take down magically (can counterspell, has high defense, highish body/willpower) AND can take down magical threats (being a combat focused character that can lay on the hurt to enemy magicians, take on spirits, take on wards, be aware of magical security, etc.). 


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« Reply #6 on: (14:52:14/08-07-17) »
Well, yes. Every time is better served by a full combat mage or cybered Adept. Just.... meh.

That said, Magic 1 + Focus means a force 1 focus. Which, if one applies the Background Count rules, means it's not active in an actual fight, or anywhere that isn't a B+ area on a peaceful summer day. Aside the fact that this character carries a rating three background count with him wherever he goes. It also significantly reduces the counterspelling pool that could be used with 'spell jammer' once that quality has been acquired.
That said, magic could probably be reduced to free up some karma - especially if I don't use a MyAd (higher magic at start is mostly for the cheap powerpoints during char gen).
The Adept is actually just for using Chakra Interrupter with Nerve Strike; I did actually think about making an aspected magician with Martial Arts - thing is, it barely saves any Karma. Around 40, to be exact, and then the Character lacks the heightened concern necessary to push through his own background count.
I think I'll try that again. Maybe if I give up the idea of using Immortal Flower I could install some ware. Not a lot, though, the savings from a switch aren't enough for a lot of money.
Nullwizard precludes projection, so a full mage is out, as well.

Honestly whenever I dive into this concept again it strikes me that even when combining Pariah and Null Wizard, which after all come with notable bonus dice and a free metamagic, the whole ends up not being particularly good.
I have a concept in Limbo of an Anti-Chemical-Warfare transhuman prototype that is just as specialized into toxin resistance, but at least that concept can be made to work by simply lugging around gas grenades, and combat augs go easy with both fluff and starting money.
Here.., not sure.

Edit: Dropping the MyAd for an Aspected Magician, and reducing Magic to 3 leaves me with around 100 Karma. That could actually be useful.
It obviously doesn't allow the complete cheese of initiating into 2 spell defense pools of about 20 dice each, but it might actually be a playable character. ^^ I'll look into that come next weekend.
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« Reply #7 on: (15:27:02/08-07-17) »
You can have up to foci force x 5 bound. It just triggers addiction if above Magic. So you can still get a legal F3 weapon focus at chargen.


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« Reply #8 on: (18:07:12/08-07-17) »
Can't wait to see the rebuild, I've run into some similar problems with my Apprentice build cause of the restrictions in place.  Though, I kinda hurt myself pretty good going for a Logic based tradition with charisma and intuition based skills and needing to have a way to output damage when needed cause of focusing on Detection spells. Its at a point I think its a decent starting point though and with time it could shine, but yeah at the start it'll be rough.

Which honestly I think this concept is gonna end up the same way, rough at the beginning when it really counts and if survive can then shine.
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« Reply #9 on: (17:29:58/08-24-17) »
cant wait to see the rebuilt myself esp since i have made a non onedimensional Anti Magic group on Reddit for xippillis writing contest.
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« Reply #10 on: (16:08:57/09-03-17) »
Well, thanks for the reminder (though it took me a week to read it), I had a lot of stuff to wrap my head around. Regarding this concept....
I'll look at it again after my vacation, but I think I'll only finish it after the first serious errata document hits the virtual shelves. There's too many unknowns here.
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