The One-Armed Menace

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Playing around with the Crystal Blood qualities and decided to make an adept with the Crystalline Blade, one of the strongest Crystal in my opinion. Got a big caught up in his story  ;D

The best day of my life? When I lost my arm. Why? Well it was an accident, a car accident. My junkie parents where driving with after taking too much Novacoke, or was it Bliss? Probably a mix of two. It's no surprise that they didn't brake in time, or at all. The first reason it was the best day of my life is that my asshole-child-exploiting parents died in the accident. Modern medicine might have been able to save them if they didn't spend all the money they exploited from their son into drugs. The doc manage to save me though but not my right arm. The second reason is that I was awakened by the accident, maybe why I didn't die.

That's not to say life was easy after that, I was a teen alone in the street with no money and one arm. I started to get into fights to get money. It was easy, people underestimated me because I had only one arm and I managed to hide my magical talents. I started making enough money to survive and I was noticed by a "manager", Makary Chmielewski. The guy talked sweet and young dumb me started to fall for his promise of greatness, the guy seemed honest enough which should have been a red flag in the shadows.

And so I started to work for Makary, he was a bit of a specialist of malformed fighters. You should have seen his troop, it was like a freak show: people with lost limbs, malformations, weird hair… But he had contacts, he knew where and when to fight, avoid cops and especially get nuyen. Even with his commission I made far more money that when I was alone and so I started to confiding to the guy. I wanted to save money and buy myself a new arm,
 but not one of the cyber one, a real arm grown in a vat to feel complete again. I can still remember his words: "It's good to have a dream kid, most of the guys that work under me just blow all their money on prostitutes and drugs. You know what? I have a friend that work in a bank and can open an account for you so you can get it from a real clinic, not a street doc." even today I can still smell the bullshit of his words.

I kept working for the guy for years now under the name of the One-Armed Menace and damn was I good. My lifestyle improved but I kept saving money until the last fight, the last paycheck to reach my objective. After that I go to check my account. You've guessed it by now, right? Zero nuyen, nothing. Of course I storm at his office for explanations and he starts serving me more drek like how I should have lost the last fight and there was property damage, he even got as far as getting one of my parents old creditors to explain. I barely listened for half of it before I jumped on him, but the guy was fast, probably had some wares in his body. Before I can do more I'm beaten to a pulp by his bodyguards and the guy start serving me his third rate villain monologue about how I belong to him.

Once again I'm back at my place, beaten up and with no money. Makary knew everything about me and I couldn't see a way out. That's when someone knocked at my door and when I checked through the door hole I couldn't believe it. Two guys in full suit with a briefcase straight out of some trid show.
 At any other time I might have tried to hide or run away but I had nothing to lose so I let them in, you could describe them in one word: Vultures, here to pick up the leftovers of my life. But they made me a deal I couldn't refuse, they could give me a new arm, free of charge and as good if not better than
a vat-grown one. In exchange they would send me instructions for missions from time to time.

The deal was too good of course but hell why not? So here they got that weird red crystal thing out of their briefcase and connect it to my shoulder. I got hit a lot while I was in fight clubs, in the face, the stomach, the balls. It was nothing compared to the pain of this thing. For what felt like hours I screamed and rolled on the ground in pain while those two bastards just watched me, expresionless until I fainted. When I came to they were still there in a vivid discussion, they said stuff about compability or what not. I cared for none of that, what I cared for is that I had my arm back, as if it was always there, although it did feel kind of weird, like the shape wasn't completely fixed.

Before they left they gave me my first mission. Kill Makary. I might give you the juicy details later but you can be sure I made that bastard cry like a little girl. And so I was still alone, without money but this time I had two arms. It would be hard to get back into fight clubs since my face was a bit too well-known but all I knew was how to beat people. I worked for some time as a bodyguard but quickly turned to something more lucrative: Shadowruns. From time to time I receive a request from the vultures, usually killing some people or retrieving shit. I'm not dumb enough to ask questions, I just do the mission and forget about it, my life is too good now to lose it from curiosity.

B - Ork
A - Attributes
D - Adept
C - Skills
E - Resources

  • Barehanded Adept
  • Crystal Limb (Right Arm)
  • Crystalline Blade
  • Crystalline Claws
[li]Mentor Spirit (Shark)
  • Addiction (Moderate) (Zen)
  • Family Curse
  • Tough and Targeted

764 (7)7 ( 8 )332516

Active Skills
Automatics (Submachine Guns)511 (13)
Etiquette (Street)47 (9)
Unarmed Combat614

Knowledge Skills
Fight Clubs (Seattle)47 (9)
Area Knowledge : Seattle25
Japanese (Speak)25 (7)

Adept Powers
Attribute Boost (AGI) (Level 2)
Combat Sense (Level 1)
Critical Strike (Unarmed)
Improved Physical Attribute (STR) (Level 1)
Improved Reflexes (Level 3)
Killing Hands

Lifestyle : Low (2 months)

  • Armor Jacket
  • Custom Ballistic Mask /w Gas Mask

  • Colt Cobra TZ-120
  • FN HAR /w Sling; Tripod

Other Stuff
  • Fake SIN (Rating 3) /w Fake Adept License (Rating 3); Fake Firearms License (Rating 3); Fake Bodyguard License (Rating 3)
  • Medkit (Rating 6)
  • Renraku Sensei
  • Micro-Transceiver
  • 10 Zen
  • Trodes
  • Crowbar
  • Contacts (Rating 3) /w Image Link; Flare Compensation; Vision Magnification
  • More other stuff (Credstick, RFID, Restraint, ammos)

Positive Qualities: -40
Negative Qualities: +24
Nuyen: -9

Fightclub Ringmaster. Connexion 2/Loyalty 4
Fixer. Connexion 2/Loyalty 1