Rigger devices left in the cold during the technology march from 2050-2075

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I've played Shadowrun for a long time, since FASA and 1991. Love the game, so thank you for keeping it going!

Back in 1st Edition, both Cyberdecks and Rigger consoles were huge. Judging by the image of the Elven Decker Archetype, they were the size of a portable music keyboard, and not at all concealable. However, over time the Cyberdeck has shrunk in size, until now it is the size of a thin notebook or computer tablet, and can be implanted inside the Decker's arm. The RCC on the other hand is still enormous. "It's about the size of a briefcase" according to CRB, and cannot be implanted.

Why not? I'm sure the tech involved in their construction is similar. The RCC does not have a Sleaze or Attack component, so should possibly be even smaller than a deck.

Thank you for reading. Riggers need love too. :)