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« on: (20:54:50/07-31-17) »
So I am starting a new Shadowrun Campaign after the character that shares my Username (The Machine) got on the wrong end of a Knight Errant team (he got so dead that the GM said that there was no way he could hand of God it. Like he was pulped by a Chopper turn one). So with that i am working a new character out and would like some ideas on fleshing out his backstory.

Name: Wilhelm Klein/Constantine
Race: Dwarf
Place of Birth: Hanover, Germany
Info: The name Constantine comes from his time as a Pre-Crash Gun Runner with an unfortunate record that was fortunately wiped in the crash so he could become a runner. Back to Pre-Crash, Constantine came from the fact that almost any spirit couldn't stand to be around him.
That's about all i got. After the crash he took some of his stock and his vehicle and became a Shadowrunner which is why he is here.
"Well no one said I couldn't take it."