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I'm looking at the Howling Shadow chapter of Drakes, and I'm not sure I'm grokking it all correctly.

Are the Attribute adjustments only present in Dracoform or are they permanent changes?
What about the powers such as Hardened Armor or Dual Natured?
What's their metatype? Drake? [Base metahuman] IE: ork?
The Dracoform Mastery refers to taking drain by staying in dracoform. What's the drain normally?
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Re: Drakes
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1) Drakoform
2) Drakoform
3) Base
4) Not sure.


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Re: Drakes
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1) Attribute changes are only in Drake form.
2) Most powers are only in drake form but I think there are a few or an ability to use some in base form.
3) I'm pretty sure their metatype is Drake as their immune to things like HMHVV.
4) They can stay in Drake form for a number of rounds = to 2 * magic rating and then take to 2S unresisted drain each round till they return to their metahuman form. (Page 194 Shift [Dracoform] of howling shadows).


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Re: Drakes
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1: Dracoform
2: Dracoform, unless you have Transcend Form then you take 4P resisted with Body + Willpower for each shot
3: Both
4: What Senko said