Author Topic: Shapeshifters and blood crystals  (Read 264 times)


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Shapeshifters and blood crystals
« on: (12:25:57/08-17-17) »
How does this work? The way I've read it in FA was that it just became a natural limb.  If a Falconine shifter had an arm replaced, would that mean when he went into bird form his wing would be crystalee?

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Re: Shapeshifters and blood crystals
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For sake of simplicity, I just wouldn't allow it.
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Re: Shapeshifters and blood crystals
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It's not covered as far as I can see so I think it's a GM call. The above poster wouldn't allow it, I would as they have examples of the limbs possessing limited shapeshifting and call them out as functioning like a normal limb. So for me I'd let a shifter with one of these shapeshift as normal. Of course it would then have a red crystal wing/leg which would reduce its ability to hide as a normal animal but they get screwed over enough already in my opinion to lose such a core component of their design.