Author Topic: Absent Metamagics (Opposition)  (Read 210 times)


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Absent Metamagics (Opposition)
« on: (09:19:29/07-29-17) »
The Pariah Tradition mandates taking Opposition as the second initiation metamagic.
It is absent so far, and we're supposed to just ignore that for now. But it will eventually come, and maybe, just maybe, this metamagic will make Pariahs actually 'work'.
So, what would you do?
Never initiate past the first time? Or initiate normally and just earmark the first initiation after it is revealed for it (A preposterous notion in my case, I don't play enough, but I'm not asking myself)?
Or just take no metamagic at all with the Initiation and fill in the blank once we have the info?
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Re: Absent Metamagics (Opposition)
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Me personally, I would not take a metamagic on second, leaving the blank to be filled when available. Then keep going. That's just me, tho.
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