Drake quality questions.

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If I used a priority based creation system to make a magically active character, would the base magic 1 be added to the character's magic attribute? If so would the magic attribute be gained even with a partial purchase of the quality or after full payment.

Is the remainder of the qualitys cost doubled? Latent drake quality spells this out but not the drake quality.
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« Reply #1 on: <07-27-17/1035:23> »
The Latent Dracomorphosis quality (see Howling Shadows, p.164) grants you a Magic attribute of 1 unless you already have a Magic attribute. We can infer the same condition for the Drake quality (HS p.163) -- i.e., if you don't have a Magic attribute, this quality gives you the minimum 1 point. If you already have a Magic attribute from priority allocation, use that one instead.

When you take the Drake quality at character generation, you start with all the basic powers of a drake (including the magic attribute), but those powers are mostly limited to the drake form and you can't use the Shift (Dracoform) power until you finish paying off the Karma debt. So you have them, but you can't use them right away. The Karma debt left over from character generation isn't doubled, but it has to be paid before you can spend Karma on anything else -- i.e., every point of Karma you earn goes straight into the debt until it's paid off.

Talk to your GM about this ... he might agree that it's no fun playing a Drake character who can't use his powers for the first few shadowruns (which could be months of real time). The GM could grant a starting Karma bonus to everyone in the group, sufficient to cover your drake debt. That way, you start with a full drake and the other players can advance their characters a bit before the campaign begins.


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« Reply #2 on: <09-23-17/1804:01> »
Since my question is pretty Drake specific, I felt I might be able to piggy back off of this thread with my own question.

Is there any official statement on how Assensing may or may not be able to detect whether or not someone is a Drake?

I know in previous editions it is apparently a certain type of obvious, but Howling Shadows seems to fluff it as the Metahuman form and the Drake form are 'tied' together but are still completely separate forms. I.E. You can lose your arm in metahuman form, but you will have both arms in Drake form. (And possibly vice versa? Doesn't necessarily say what happens if your Drake form loses an arm/appendage/scale)


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« Reply #3 on: <09-24-17/0025:24> »
I think 4 hits on an Assensing test.

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