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@UnLimiTeD: Cyberlimb enhancement don't add to the limbs availability, they have their own availability.  So:

The base cyberlimb is alphaware with Str 3/Agi 3.  I have it customized at purchase with +4 Str and +2 Agi for a total of 5 Agi/7 Str arm.  That's +6 customized enhancements for +6 to Availiability making it an Availability 12 arm.  Now that it's been installed, I enhance the arm with a biomonitor (Capacity 1, Avail 2), +2 Armor (Capacity 2, Rtgx5=10 Avail), +3 Agility (Capacity 3, Rtgx3=9 Avail), and +3 Strength (Capacity 3, Rtgx3=9 Avail) and I have 6 capacity left.   

@Tecumseh:  Like I said earlier, I was just trying to get as much armor as I could.  I didn't like losing dice from encumbrance.  This is literally my first pass on the character, I just went all in on the concept.  I'll probably drop the pastor, drop the counterspelling, maybe even doing something different with the strength issues. 
Spirits, probably not, I don't care for them honestly.  I know they're the in thing for mages in 5th. As for asensing, from reading the book, it reads as you only need the asensing skill to scrub, I didn't read any check necessary to do it.  If I read wrong, can you please point me to the correct page?  I appreciate your feedback and it helps to come at it from a different angle.


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Ah, ok, you added the enhancement to the final stats. I thought you customized it to the listed values and then added enhancements.
Still waiting on a Vector-Thrust Liminal Body.


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Yeah.. that's how Hero Lab outputs the character sheet.  I like how the paper character comes out, but the HTML/BBCode sheets are a little confusing to me.

Edit:  Actually had some time and energy to play with this guy.  I think you might like the results.  I still have money to spend, I'll put the revised Paladin up in a few.

Okay, here's 2nd Pass on making concept work as a character.  I like this one a lot better:
28 dice (34 vs electricity) for damage soak  (I can add an average of 5 additional armor at all times)
(*Note:  I will run the overcoat, PPP items, and forearm guard if not using shield for same armor rating.  Can run all of it together for 34 dice (39 with spell) but you suffer -3 dice encumbrance on everything.  Shield can gecko grip to back or any surface for utility and easier transport)
8 defense dice (12 dice full defense, or and average of +5 dice if sustaining deflection spell for 13/17dice)
15 dice on non-called shot attacks with machine pistol (16 dice -CS penalty for called shots)
(*Note: Sharpshooter taken to take advantage of Shakeup + SticknShock for -10 to enemy initiative and other good called shot combos)
10 dice perception with ballistic mask on
16 dice for manipulation spells
11 dice for health spells
8 dice for drain
7 dice sneaking (Sleeping tiger suit helps here)
3D6+8 initiative (guaranteed 2 passes, with a fair chance at 3)
20DV vs barriers from smashing blow (Doors/Petrified foes-will be getting that spell asap)
*Can scrub astral signatures (astral perception) and destroy traceable evidence (Sterilize spell)
*Good healer (Heal and Resist pain spells, R3 & R6 Medkits, Stim patches, and Trauma patch)
*Added Infobroker as a contact, keeping the pastor (just fits too well) and Fixer

Unnamed Hero
B 5, A 4, R 3/5, S 5/7, W 4, L 2, I 3, C 4, ESS 5, EDG 3, M 5
Condition Monitor (P/S): 12 / 10
Armor: 23
Limits: Physical 8, Mental 4, Social 6
Physical Initiative: 6/8+3D6
Active Skills: Automatics (Machine Pistols +2) 5, Blades (Swords +2) 1, Etiquette 1, Perception 1, Sneaking (Urban +2) 1, Spellcasting (Manipulation Spells +2) 6, Unarmed Combat 1
Knowledge Skills: Catholicism (Knights Templar +2) 3, Law Enforcement Procedures 2, Magical Threats 1, Seattle Area 1
Languages: English N, Latin 2
Metatype Abilities: Armor (+1), Enhanced Senses: Thermographic Vision
Qualities: Allergy, Common (Mild): Shellfish, Christian Theurgist Mystic Adept, Code of Honor: The Akichita Code (8dicepool vs. 4), Distinctive Style: Trollsized Human, Prejudiced (Specific) (Outspoken): Infected, Prototype Transhuman: Allergy, Common (Mild): Shellfish, Sharpshooter
Spells: Armor, Deflection (limited), Heal (limited), Resist Pain, Sterilize
Adept Powers: Astral Perception, Heightened Concern (up to -3), Improved Reflexes (2), Smashing Blow
. . Cyber Arm (Obvious) (Alphaware) (Main Hand) w/ Biomonitor, Cyberlimb Agility (8), Cyberlimb Strength (10), Enhanced Agility (3), Enhanced Armor +1 (1), Enhanced Strength (3)
. . Damage Compensators (Prototype) (2) w/ Prototype Transhuman
. . Datajack
. . Muscle Augmentation (Prototype) (2) w/ Prototype Transhuman
. . Tetrachromatic Vision
. . Trauma Damper (Prototype) (2) w/ Prototype Transhuman
. . Troll Reduction (Prototype) (1) w/ Prototype Transhuman
. . Harley-Davidson Scorpion [Handling 4/3, Speed 4, Accel 2, Body 8, Armor 9, Pilot 1, Sensor 2, Seats 1]
. . . . Gear:
. . . . . . Linguistics: English (local language)
. . . . . . Linguistics: Japanese (Manufacturer's Language)
. . . . . . Metahuman Adjustment: Troll
. . . . . . Morphing license plate
. . . . . . Spoof chip
. . Ballistic Mask (Customized) w/ Gas Mask, Micro-Tranceiver, Vision Enhancement (3)
. . Bug Scanner (5)
. . Certified Credstick, Silver
. . Certified Credstick, Standard x5
. . Chisel/Crowbar
. . Climbing Gear
. . Concealable Holster
. . Contacts (3) w/ Flare Compensation, Image Link, Smartlink
. . Datachip x10
. . Ear buds (2) w/ Select Sound Filter (1), Sound Link
. . Endoscope
. . Fetish: Deflection
. . Fetish: Heal
. . Forearm Guards
. . Glue Solvent w/ Ultra-Glide Industrial Lubricant (l)
. . Glue Sprayer
. . Guts x4
. . Identity: Specify Name w/ (1 month) AR Fashion Subscription, Formal, Fake License: Bodyguard (4), Fake License: Concealed Carry (4), Fake License: Melee Weapons (4), Fake License: Possession of Firearms (4), Fake License: Spellcasting (4), Fake SIN (4), (1 month) Low Lifestyle
. . Jammer, Area (4)
. . Lion's Roar
. . Long Haul x4
. . Medkit (3)
. . Medkit (6)
. . Meta Link
. . Meta Link
. . Metal Restraints
. . Micro-Tranceiver
. . Plastic Restraints x10
. . Reagents, Raw (dram): Christian Theurgy x50
. . Renraku Sensei w/ Non-standard Form Factor: Wrist Watch
. . Securetech PPP Legs Kit w/ Decrease Social Limit by 1
. . Securetech PPP Vitals Kit w/ Decrease Social Limit by 1
. . Sleeping Tiger w/ AR Fashion, Custom Fit, Holster, Newest Model, Nonconductivity (6), Ruthenium Polymer Coating (3), Synergist Business Line Longcoat
. . Spellcasting Focus: Manipulation Spells (3)
. . Stealth Tags x10
. . Stim Patch (6) x2
. . Tag Eraser
. . Trauma Patch
. . White Noise Generator (6)
. . Riot Shield [Exotic Melee Weapon, Reach 1, Acc 4, DV 9S(e), AP -5] w/ Custom Look, Gecko Grip, Internal Battery
. . Remington Suppressor [Machine Pistol, Acc 9, DV 7P, AP -1, SA/BF, RC 3, 15 (c)] w/ Flashlight, Thermographic, Gas-Vent System (3), Personalized Grip, Silencer/Suppressor, Smartgun System, External
. . Unarmed Strike [Unarmed, Reach 1, Acc 8, DV 10P, AP ]
. . APDS (Machine Pistol) x15 [Acc 0, DV , AP -4]
. . Ares "One" Monosword [Blade,Blade, Reach 2, Acc 6, DV 13P, AP -3] w/ Custom Look, Gecko Grip, Personalized Grip
. . Flash-Pak Grenade x2 [Grenade, non-aerodynamic, Acc 8, DV Flash, AP ]
. . Gas Grenade, Pepper Punch x2 [Grenade, non-aerodynamic, Acc 8, DV By Chem., 10m R, AP ] w/ Pepper Punch
. . Gel Rounds (Machine Pistol) x30 [Acc 0, DV +0S, AP +1]
. . Stick-n-Shock (Machine Pistol) x15 [Acc 0, DV -2S(e), AP -5]
. . Thermal Smoke Grenade x2 [Grenade, non-aerodynamic, Acc 8, DV Th. Smoke, 10m R, AP ]
Church Pastor (Connection 1, Loyalty 3)
Fixer (Connection 3, Loyalty 2)
Infobroker (Connection 2, Loyalty 2)
Starting : 3D6 60

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« Reply #18 on: (00:29:38/07-30-17) »
Smashing Blow is an underrated power, possibly because most characters don't have the Strength to make it worthwhile. A troll with a Cyberarm of Awesome is an excellent candidate for it. You get an unopposed Unarmed attack on the barrier, so you'll be averaging 23 DV. That should be enough to take out Heavy Structural Materials (including concrete and metal beams) more often than not.

Given Smashing Blow, it's a open question what you're going to do with that chisel/crowbar though.

Be careful with the Sharpshooter quality. It sounds fun but one of the great advantages of automatic weapons is chewing up the opponent's dodge pool with negative modifiers. Adding +2 DV via called shots is great, but not missing because you were able to erase 5 dice from the target's dodge is even better. (And, mathematically, not significantly different from a damage standpoint since you'll have more net hits with their lower dodge pool.) You certainly have the Strength to handle the recoil.

If you have extra nuyen to burn, consider getting a magical focus of some sort (weapon, power, sustaining) even if you don't have the karma to bind it now. It will save you the hassle of trying to find one once play begins.


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« Reply #19 on: (14:30:55/07-30-17) »
-Thanks for pointing out the crowbar. :)  Yeah, not going to need that anymore. 
-Sharpshooter is for better situational options.  I'm not planning on calling every shot, but with sharpshooter, it makes is more viable.
-I am running a Spellcasting Focus: Manipulation spells at R3.  I'll pick up something after creation as I also don't have the karma to spare.  Probably I'll go with a R2 Sustaining focus that I can use to keep Deflection and Armor going.

Character update:  I've decided to switch up my armor and ditched the sleeping tiger for more money and flexibility. 
+Lowlight eye augmentation
+Trodes in Ballistic Mask
Notes: I need to reduce environmental modifiers as much as I can with low skill/dice pools

-Sleeping Tiger Armor w/ Synergist Coat
-4 soak dice (armor)
-ruthenium polymer (not a huge loss since I couldn't put chameleon coating on the shield)
+Summit suit w/ Argentum Coat with Black Panther/Lion's Roar Cologne :)
+3 dice all social skills (8 dice ettiquette, 6 dice con (default), 6 dice impersonation (default)
+6 dice vs Acid and contact vector drugs/poisons
+6 dice vs Fire on the Shield
+Armor Jacket & Armor Clothes (Upgrades mirror Summit suit & Argentum coat, but for diff. social situations)
+AR & Electrochromatic Mods on all armor class gear for social flexibility
I can't pretend he will be in a bubble of just combat situations.  These changes go a long way to alleviating him being a liability in other situations.  If I equip everything now (including shield), I'm back up to 31 soak dice with only a -1 encumbrance penalty.


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One SIMPLE way of increasing your potential would be to go full essence instead and use Increase attribute spells instead (You would need a couple sustaining foci)