Author Topic: Number of mages working jobs in capital cities.  (Read 1298 times)

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Re: Number of mages working jobs in capital cities.
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The term is coming straight from Forbidden Arcana, p. 49: "While most “sparks” have so little magic that they’re not worth consideration, one type, the aware, are."

If you're Awakened at all you have a Magic Rating, of 1 or more.  Discipline and education (i.e. spending Karma in the right areas) can improve that until you become exceptional at it, the king of your little area, the"training (and karma) become a magic 10+ powerful mage" - but you're not a mage, you're still a 'spark' because you can only do that one little area instead of a significant section of magic.
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Re: Number of mages working jobs in capital cities.
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Like I said quibbling over terms and just my own personal images that crop up in relation to spark (as in sparks from a fire, electrical sparks) and not something even I'd want to argue over as it's just the name not the rules that don't quite work for me. Shadowrun calls them sparks their sparks it's not like there's not for real world things that share the same issue. If you see what I mean.
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