Area Lore: Ohio

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     The streets of Columbus are filled with anything filthy squatters to fancy wagemen, and things in between. It isn't a tea party with hollow-points and tasers. It's a place where if you don't look behind you every few steps, you'll soon find a knife in your back. Or worse. Granted, some places are nicer than others. The Straathonden gang doesn't take kindly to any kind of invasion on their territory. Whereas, chummers like the Brenhinoedd clan are cool with people trompin around for kicks and giggles. But none the less, even if you're a faceless no-one, you might get in the way of some one or something else. Maybe you see too much. That turns a faceless nobody into a prime target with a lot of money on their back. You could be that nobody, or the person hunting them down for just the right amount of nuyen.

     A certain kind of person could thrive here, if they knew how. Sure, keeping you clip loaded and sites strait helps. But you need more than that. If you want to be hired as anything better than a meat shield for some other runner out there, you gotta know your biz. And know it for what it is. If you don't have the skillz, then you're out. Whether it's from a bullet on a run or starvation as a squatter.

     But you know what else helps? Knowing the area. What kinda gangs are you fighting? What kinda buildings are you breaking into?? What does the city look like??? Heck, even as the gamemaster I don't know. Does anyone have the dirt on Columbus?
"This Mr. Johnson wants you to pick his daughter up from preschool and is willing to pay you 8,000 nuyen a pop to do it. What do you do, Stas?"
"I shoot him with my krime gun"