Favorite and most stylish blunt weapons

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Yup, that's why I hang out here. The humor..... ::)
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« Reply #31 on: (23:57:38/12-28-17) »
Favorite blunt weapon: the truth.
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Favorite blunt weapon: the truth.
Quoted for...   ;D
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« Reply #33 on: (12:40:02/01-10-18) »
Baseball Bat, hands down nothing beats it.

It's brutal in my opinion. Something not seen as a weapon, a toy that children play with, being used to break bones as it smashes into a thug or armed guard. Because hearing the crack of a ball against a bat pales in comparison to the sound of a bat breaking over someones back.
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« Reply #34 on: (15:55:36/02-15-18) »

My SR4A Fomori Occult Investigator carried a melee hardened gentleman's walking stick that my GM allowed me to use mace stats for.

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« Reply #35 on: (00:21:06/04-06-18) »
I like the baseball bat style; just wooden or aluminum, not necessarily with nails.
Improvised brutality; it says a lot about the character.  A weapon that is distinctly modern while being so blatantly medieval.  The character using it is often the same; they aren't out of place, this isn't a wannabe crusader, but it is someone who is purely capable of extreme violence, using what is familiar to them.  They didn't train at a dojo to use this weapon.  They don't have a sensei teaching them the traditional techniques. They are just prepared and capable, mentally and physically, to use violence as a means to accomplish their goals.
...had an ex baseball player character who used a tungsten alloy bat back in 3e. 

Was also pretty good with her "beanball" attacks (usually a direct KO as it was stun damage and she could easily stage it up to deadly with her skill and strength, sadly that doesn't work in 5e as the damage mechanics are so different).
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I don't know what I find more Ironic, we are on a board about a game centering around advanced technology, and we have a thread discussing our favorite blunt instruments. A weapons technology that's arguably a step down from throwing rocks, or that the truth is my favorite entry on this list.


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« Reply #37 on: (20:02:08/04-15-18) »
Do brass knuckes count as a blunt weapon?

I add in that the basic aluminum bat is a great weapon, it screams "field expedient" to me.   And slightly concealable in plain site if you have a bag w/ a couple of them & a cap & jersey on.

Stun Baton is very solid for a non-harmful take down.

Collapsible Baton is great for concealment.

I think there needs to be a collapsible/folding Stun Baton/Cane in game for a trifecta of Physical/Stun Damage w/ Concealment.

Something to compete w/ the clear blade winners out there of Katana &/or Combat Knife.


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« Reply #38 on: (11:10:00/05-20-18) »
I second Nebulous' post of the modded up umbrella a la Kingsmen. It gives great concealability and you could have something tucked into the handle. Maybe this could be how you could make a collapsible stun baton, Tarislar!
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