troll rigger

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« on: <07-12-17/1838:42> »
Troll rigger is this doable. worth it, how would i do it.


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« Reply #1 on: <07-12-17/2138:21> »
Any single role character is doable with any meta. 

Riggers do have some confusing rules though, and even though there is a rigger book out, there still isn't consensus on what rigger stats are used for a lot of functions when jumped in. 

There are different things riggers can focus on. Do you want a lot of drones? Do you want to pilot them yourself? Do you want to focus on a suped up vehicle/driving it? Both? Do you want skills outside of rigging?

That being said, my instinct for all-around troll rigger would be: 

Troll A (get that edge!) 
Attributes D  (I am of the opinion rigger dicepools/strength comes from the control rig rating, otherwise they are too attribute dependent) 
Mundane E (keep it simple) 
Skills C (keep it simple and rigger focused. Piloting, Gunnery, Perception/EW, basic sneaky/talky).   
Resources B  (This should be enough for a suped up van, rigger 'ware, some starter drones/RCC, and some basic runner gear. Most riggers pick Resources A, but as a troll, I feel like that edge is more important. You will earn more money when you play). 

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« Reply #2 on: <07-18-17/2206:42> »
What FST said, good advice above.

You'll want to decide the options, recently, I liked for a troll 'tank' and his drone 'dog'.

You build a soak tank, get that edge, and if your drone gets shot, you "protect the principal" or "lucky duck" it.  You can also slot in "bodyguard BTL" as well.

Usually this build will go for a single expensive drone that you do this with, along with the swarm RCC for the scout drones or the like.