Current State of Caracas

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Hi all,

My PCs may have to drop by Caracas, but, as far as I know, the most recent entry on the "pirate city" is in Runner Haven (2070), follow by the Ghost Cartels (2071/72). How did the city change - if it change, through the Am-Az war, and the recent years... Is it still a free city ? Or did I miss somehow some "big changes" ?


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Caracas is enclosed by Amazonia and quite far from the Aztlan-Amazonian border, the Southern theatre of the war, so it shouldn't have been impacted directly and I'm not aware of any major indirect consequences for the city. The only treatment of Caracas beyond brief mentions that I'm aware of is Artifacts Unbound (2073) that has it as an adventure location. I don't believe this resulted in any major changes though.


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I seem to recall from either Storm Front or my own fevered imagination in discussing it with the others that it is likely to become more important now because it's the closest free city to Bogotá, which plenty of people still want to get into or flee from.

The biggest consequence is arguably one similar to what's going on in Metropole, and that is that metahumans within Caracas and just across the border in Amazonia wouldn't necessarily have the same view or or fear of the regime since the war and the Azzies' propaganda and use of anti-dragon weapons in the war. It's never been addressed directly but it's definitely something that can be inferred.
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