[LFG SR 5E, 3E, 2E, 1E] West Coast. Free Fri-Sun. Will play anything but Rigger.

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So, been playing 2 years. I've GMed a few games over the years too. I first became interested in Shadowrun way back when I played the Sega Game. Tried Second edition after that for like... 1 session. I still loved it and I'll be honest when I say that I didn't even know Shadowrun was still alive after 2E. I sort of just assumed that it died. I even missed the Shadowrun FPS game that showed up.

I finally got back into shadowrun with Shadowrun Returns. I even have the engraved USB tag (Unfortunately it doesn't work and I was unable to get a replacement). Since then I've played all the rpg games, and hopped back into the tabletop game. So the extent of my shadowrun experience is in 5e. I've played DnD 3.5, Dark Heresy 2E, World of Darkness, and Only War as well. I'm involved in one of the living communities for SR5 as well.

I've played most types of character over my time. An Orc Face,  Sasquatch Mage Mob Member, Full Body Replacement Street Sam, Old Man Decker, and a few others. Some weirder ones even. Now if I were to say I have a preference it would be a preference against, rather than for. See I like playing just about everything, but when it comes to one archetype I'm a hard sell. Riggers. Now Riggers are cool, I think they're pretty damn fantastic, but I just hate the crap you have to go through to play one. I don't mind playing Rigger combos, so I don't mind a Decker/Rigger with focus on the Decker, but I'm just not into all the micromanagement involved in playing a  rigger personally.

Uh.. Other than that. I'm a guy in his mid 20's. I like playing video games and tabletop. Enjoy a bit of crude humor. I have a day job, and I'm usually free fri-sun. I live on the West Coast of the United States, and I'd love to get involved in a game. I have a good amount of experience with 5E, but I'd be happy to try anything Shadowrun 3E or prior.  Online or Offline does not matter to me.
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Where along the west coast? If you're potentially looking to play in person, we'll need to know your range.

I run a weekly game on Sundays in the South Seattle area, for example. I also know a group that plays in Portland that I could put you in touch with. Both of those are along the west coast, would either of those work?