Human Gun Adept-800 karma-Teach me how to build better!

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Thank you JmOz01. I do understand that and am still tweaking my first pistol adept. This is now trying to learn more about the creation rules in general.

 Here is what I have now. Ver 2

-Changed Pos Qualities to BRand loyalty, Mentor Wolf, and Strive for perfection.
-Added Cold-Blooded which has a positive effect for hiding thermographic??
-Upped body to help with Hot Potato drain and just general toughness
-Changed to Spellcasting Focus-Illusion.

17 Dice with the Cavaliers and 18 with the Ingram. This makes Called Shot-Sternum with (MA)Stagger a -3 or -2 depending on how Sharpshooter/Strive For Perfection applies. Vital, Shake it uo, etc is either 0 or -1? Seems like Sharpshooter/Strive For Perfection should not be used together but I cant find a rule.

This makes Hot Potato 18 dice, cast F-3 at F6 should average 6 hits to resist drain with B4+W5. Thats -6 to all actions for people wearing/holding metal. I can up it if I want to risk physical damage.

I can't see a way to optimize this character better from this point?