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  • Dwarf Street Samurai with a penchant for driving
« on: (21:37:15/05-24-17) »
So I am making a Street Samurai that doubles as the driver in our group. What sorta cyber should i be looking at.
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« Reply #1 on: (23:22:06/05-24-17) »
Depends on how deep into Rigger you want to go.  You could go Control Rig (R2) plus a Hard Nanohive (R2) supporting Control Rig Booster Nanites (R2).  You'd have +2 to limits, +5 dice to vehicle tests, -2 to vehicle test modifiers.. but that's a huge 2.0 Essence investment WITH Alphaware. :)

Otherwise, just boost your Reaction for Meatspace Driving and Agility for Gunnery.  Going for a Meat driver synergizes better with Street Sam and you can pick up some qualities like Vehicle Empathy, Stunt Driver, Speed Demon or Steely Eyed Wheelman.  That last one is really good for only 2 Karma.


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« Reply #2 on: (09:28:31/05-25-17) »
Aye, regular driving is probably best for a Sam. You're fast enough as is. I recommend a manual override switch hidden in the car, just in case.
Reflex Boosters of some kind are definitely the name of the game, it'll improve your driving skills and your initiative, and you usually pick one with extra ini dice. If you have a Cyberlimb, you can stuff the Nanohive in there.
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« Reply #3 on: (21:35:02/07-26-17) »
Don't forget the flashy car!
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« Reply #4 on: (23:59:30/08-02-17) »
taking even rigcontrol [1] makes a huge difference between crashing and not.
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