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I usually end up being the chronicler of the campaigns Iīm part of. In my Shadowrun-group I decided to do my post-game write-ups in a different manner from the usual. Might as well post a few of them here, too, since I wrote most of them in English (and will probably translate the ones in Swedish one of those days). Post-run calls from my street-shaman Rascal to her fellow shamans Vermin and Granny Mouse.

Oh, be aware that those could be spoilers for the Denver missions, if you were planning on playing those. Enjoy?

Hi Vermin. Just needed to talk.
No, Iīm not īlinking Granny instead.
No, I donīt expect you to do more than "hmm" or "ahh" every now and then.
Yes, I will buy you a pint of that drek you persist to call beer.
Had a bad run-in with.. never mind. Just a close call, OK?
Too close for comfort. Almost a very spectacular failure. Almost a dead friend. Fuck! So much for those plans of creativity. Cassie, that chiphead midget, what was she thinking? Seriously - since when is going up alone against overwhelming odds without a plan a good idea? Yes, Iīm one to talk now. That had nothing to do with skills and bravado, canīt she see that all that kept her alive was pure dumb luck? Well, yeah, maybe a bit thanks to me too.
God, Iīm tired. And bored. Weīve been waiting for about 30 hours for P.. our mole.. to īlink us, and the team is getting restless. Cujo is out haunting the local pubs. Yin Tsao is doing his walking-around-for-no-other-reason-than-walking-schtick, and Cassie enjoys following him on these urban treks. What Isolde is up to I donīt want to speculate on, why canīt she just join the team instead of being a snotty bitch?
Iīm doing my best here, we all are, but it never seems to be enough for her. She is a cold minx playing with peopleīs minds. And sheīs also drop-dead gorgeous, all the boys (and most of the girls, come to that) fawning over her. For fuckīs sake, if she gives me one of those smiles every now and then even I will forget all those belittling words.
I try to play nice, I really do, but she just seems to find all the weak spots and ram a shank into them or something like that. Drek. I just want to get some kind of clever payback, but that would only make things worse.
Yeah, she kinda scares me. And sheīs the better spell-slinger. I might have a few tricks up my sleeve that sheīll never give a thought, but still.
Cassie is easier, I like her style (despite that tendency towards going up against superior opposition). Not so much her blood thirst. She just seems to improvise, coming along for the ride, and she sure means business with that great big axe of herīs. *shudders* And so far she doesnīt seem like sheīs heading down the cybertech-swamp head first. Knock on wood.
Yin Tsao could be a great friend if it wasnīt for him always trying to teach the world how to better itīs ways. Weīre on very different paths through the mojo-sprawls, him and me. He really needs to learn how to have fun! But I shouldnīt be scolding the guy who brings take-away back to us cripples, heīs really nice.
And Cujo. Well. Weīve been through a lot together since Reese (you remember Reese, right?) put us on the same team. He knows how to have a good time, and heīs not a bad one to share the worse times with either. I really like him. Like really really like him. Yeah, I know. No, I canīt shut it down and be all business, never could, Iīm not that different from before I took to the shadows. If that ever changes you can come over and slap me one across the head. Raccoon would thank you.
No, I donīt want to talk to her right now, sheīll just get all therapeutical on me.
Yeah, tell her Iīll be over next week or something, if my team hasnīt gotten me geeked by then.
Thanks for listening, Verm.
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Hi Granny.
Yeah, I know. Tell Verm Iīm sorry ībout that. Iīve been mostly dead for two weeks.
Yeah, seriously. No, donīt get started! Please, Granny, relax, allīs fine now.
Sore all over though. Remind me to wear my coat at all times, even indoors, from now on.
Yeah, some guys from a corp weīve been screwing with came knocking.
With assault rifles.
Gave them a couple of spirits to chew on, but they just carved right trough and shot us up good.
Yeah, I know that running away is a good thing in these situations, but Cu.. my team was dying out there! So I pulled back from astral too late... Hid under a bed, but I guess I didnīt do very well. A good pound of bullets hurts like hell when youīre not wearing any armour.
How we survived? Beats me. Iīm going with "miracle" or something like that. Yeah, Granny, I know Iīm the luckiest misfortunate you ever met. I guess Raccoon still has his uses for me.
But Iīm getting tired of it all, you know. And itīs no fun being afraid all the time. Sure, sometimes itīs been a good ride, or at least exciting, but lately Iīve had this feeling, like, floating around in a small boat and suddenly realizing just how deep the ocean beneath is. And the things that swim those depths scare me shitless most of the time.
Iīm starting to think I made a mistake when I left you. Oh, cut the "I told you so"s. Iīm not coming home just yet. Still have a team to look after, you and Vermin can take care of yourselves a little longer.
Allīs good with the shop? Great. Iīll try to get around a little more often. Iīll bring Cujo too, Iīll try to make him understand that he needs a weapon foci. And I could use a few things for binding. Of course I know what Iīm doing, you were the one who taught me how to make it work.
And Verminīs OK too? Tell him Iīll drag myself across the border and buy him that lousy beer sometime next week if I can sit up straight by then.
Yeah, I guess thatīs it, Granny. Thanks. Bye. Donīt fret, OK? Iīll be all right.
I hope.
"If you donīt stop driving through walls Iīm going to start rolling for the van to explode - this is an American game!"


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Fuck. It. All.
I donīt know, Verm. Itīs just.. I donīt know.
I guess Iīm just another murderer.
No, I havenīt actually killed anyone myself, but I run most of the support for my team. And if Iīm the one keeping the assassin invisible thatīs just as bad as holding the knife myself. I donīt think Iīve realized that ītil now. Some epiphany, right?
So what if i ran with the Firstborn? That was years ago, I was just a kid then, and then I found the magic, I never had to be a fighter.
Toughen up? Yeah, you keep saying that. But Iīm not you, you were always the one not afraid of getting his hands bloody. And even after I learned to heal people I still get a little queasy around stuff thatīs supposed to stay inside people. Granny is the nurturing one, I just try to keep all my team membersī members attached.
But anyway, this was just too much. And Isolde, she just feeds off the stuff, you can see it in her posture when she casts, she really likes hurting people. And hurting them good. She struck five guys dead with one spell, and since Yin was smack dab in the middle of them she almost got him too. Good thing heīs a solid troll, someone just a bit more frail would have met the same end as those yaku.. fuck. Forget I just said that, please. Yeah. Yeah, that was us. You just keep it zipped. Mhm, the Triad bitch too. Not a word about this, you hear?
Yeah, Iīm OK. Not a scratch from any of this. I know, maybe Iīm finally learning? Heh. Or maybe I just got lucky? Hey, hey, why you laughing? Stop it, Vermin! No fun! Bastard...
Thing is, I donīt know if I can keep running with these guys. But they need me more than you and Granny ever did, I was always the new kid for you, the one who picked up your tricks. But to my team itīs more than just tricks, I really make a difference for them, make their world a lot more survivable, yīknow. Makes it easier.
But can I keep making it easier for them to be killers-for-hire? Can I still be the same person?
What? Youīre breaking up. No, now I hear you again. Whatīs that supposed to mean, "You canīt cross the same river twice", makes no sense.
Whatever, Verm. Just tell Granny I said hi, and keep safe, you hear?
Yeah, Iīll do my best.
"If you donīt stop driving through walls Iīm going to start rolling for the van to explode - this is an American game!"


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Whoa! Calm down, Granny! Relax! Iīm OK! Sure, patch him in! Hoi, Vermin!
Yeah, I saw this edited rerun from Waldo when I got around to opening my eyes for more than five minutes at a time. Looked good, didnīt we? At least up until that part where Ghostwalker showed up, after that we mostly looked retarded and then I looked quite dead for a while... Hurts, but Iīm kinda used to it these days...
Cassie helped me get a look at my own back. Looks like you picture the surface of the moon, all covered in these little bullet-craters from both the ZDF-people and from the guys Ibanes sent on us last month. And another one, bigger and jagged around the edges, where Yin shot me.
Nah, we settled that one. Apologies all around. I think he was just as afraid as me, only for different reasons. Yeah, weīre friends again. What do you mean, too quick to forgive? Oh, slot it, Verm, sometimes you canīt afford to make people your enemies. Especially not your friends. I know it looked bad, him threatening me and then me doing this fast-drop shish-kebab stunt, but in the end everything worked out just fine. Kinda. Good thing I still kept that spirit around, eh? I should get around to binding more often.
And I just loved the way Cassie kept on my side in this. She trusts me more than I had realized. Feels good, for real! Maybe I should give her more cred, get over all the differences between us.
I even got Isolde around to go with me on this one. Stunning, ainīt it?
Of course I never doubted Cujo. Itīs been a year weīve known each other, now. A year of working, living and getting almost-killed next to each other. I guess we have the same idea of most of the people who gave us a call that night. And outside Isoldes apartment, after I got the others around to go with Reese on the transaction, we were just leaning on each other, laughing and grinning and mostly just acting crazy. The face Waldo was making never got on screen, wow, he really thought we had lost it...
I mean, one minute he sees us bowing to Ghostwalker through the īlinks, and the next weīre giggling maniacs who apparantly have decided to fuck the most powerful being in Denver over just because we donīt want comfy government jobs. Yeah, I thought weīd lost it, too. But seriously, can you guys picture me or Cujo in a swivel chair of our own, in some office in middle-of-nowhere? Thought so. And working with Ghostwalker would just have been pure wrong! I mean, there are reasons You Donīt Make Deals With Dragons. For one: no one in Denver would ever have dared do business with us again.
But to get a little serious... I wonīt be back for a while. I guess the streets of Denver will be a big game of Hot Lava for my team the next couple of months, so weīll be heading out. Moving as soon as we all feel a little better. Iīm getting used to the constant nagging pain from all the old wounds, but I rather the new ones not breaking open on me when we leave this place.
Where to? Heh, seriously, I have no clue. Iīll let Cujo do the plans for this one, follow his lead instead of him following mine. I donīt know if weīll be running with the others any more. Sure, Cassie is a good one, but we donīt have much in common. Me and Isolde, we have the magic but almost nothing else, and since weīre not on the same path that is not a strong enough connection. And Yin. Well. I know his apology was heartfelt, but I wouldnīt bet heīd not make the same choice again. He doesnīt trust me at all.
Anyway, Iīll let you know where weīre going once weīve decided.
Iīll miss you too, donīt make me cry here.
Be safe, both of you. No, seriously, no oneīs gonna move against me and the team. Weīre the ones who fucked over a Dragon and lived to brag about it, right? Things are looking bright...
"If you donīt stop driving through walls Iīm going to start rolling for the van to explode - this is an American game!"


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oh my fraggin gods, that is just too funny omae

you boys ever get down to the GCplex and i'll buy ya a few rounds, maybe even take you on a run..

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