Help with a rig.

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« on: <05-24-17/1243:26> »
If anyone has a few minutes and the new Rigger 5.0 book, could you do me a solid? I'm trying to design a recon plane for our rigger but don't have the new book, so I'm just curious if what I want to design is possible to be build. He wants it primarily for reconnaissance with possibly some combat support, so I'm going primarily for stealth, hover capability, plus a light machine gun if it comes to providing fire support from afar.

Artemis Industries Nightwing with the following modifications:
-Secondary Propulsion Rotor (two rotors installed in the wings which are covered by flaps when using the normal motor, then come uncovered when the rigger wants to hover. Might look cool to boot.)
-Signature masking Rating 3 (or higher if possible)
-Light weapon mount or whatever mount is required to hold a light machine gun.

Is this plane possible to build? Thanks.


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« Reply #1 on: <05-24-17/1424:59> »
I'm thinking no without having my book on hand.  The secondary propulsion eats a lot of capacity, I don't know/think the night wing has enough for it.  Same goes for the LMG, it needs a decent sized mount.  The masking should be ok, but not available at character creation.

Why doesn't he want to use a drone?  A rotodrone, or even a dalmatian could do the same thing probably cheaper, and he doesn't die if it gets shot down.


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« Reply #2 on: <05-24-17/1705:41> »
Standard Propulsion: No, this requires 10 Capacity, the Nightwing only has 4.
Signature Masking: The NIghtwing actually comes with this standard at Rating 4.  (page 155 of Rigger 5.0, core vehicle modifications)
Weapon Mount: A heavy weapon mount takes up 4 capacity, so the Nightwing has space for this, but it has to be an External, Remote operated, Rigid-mounted one. Which means it can only fire straight forward, and it is completely obvious.