Not sure if this belongs here...Mystic Adepts

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Maybe a house rule could be that you can buy power points, either during (normal rules) or after (at 10 Karma per point) character creation, but with the same limits as character creation - only up to your pre-initiation maximum Magic rating, and after that you can only get power points from initiation and selecting a power point instead of a metamagic.  So, for example, if you had a Magic of 6, you could get 3 power points at character creation, then up to 3 more power points after character creation, before needing to initiate in order to get more power points.

I'm sorry, I never meant to imply that I was talking about buying PP above your Magic rating, I was talking about the character who bought 2 points worth of Adept powers with a magic 5 being able to buy more adept powers (up to his magic rating).  Obviously past their magic rating they need to initiate or raise their magic...


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« Reply #16 on: (03:28:04/06-13-17) »
I get teh game balance involved.  Mystic Adept 'loses' a lot of Karma at generation to get those power points.  That is about the only drawback.
From a development standpoint (by this I mean birth to present) the adept got all their power all at once?!  Poof!  Then...One day...6 power points!  No training.  Bang!
I think that is ...unimaginative.
Ironically, that's how it used to work in 2nd and 3rd Edition. Upon awakening, all characters received a MAG score equal to their Essence (rounded down).
Also: In 3rd Edition, Adepts could buy Power Points for IIRC, 20 Karma a pop, independent of Initiation Grade.
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« Reply #17 on: (14:27:41/06-15-17) »
By what's written in the novels, the amount of people with less than 6 MR or less than 6 Power points should vastly outnumber the people people with 6 or more.
But how often do you see people go with less than the maximum they can go with [including people with ware- they may not have six MR but they normally have the maximum MR they are allowed with the essence they have left).
You don't see them, but that doesn't mean they're not there. It just means you're forgetting about them because they were unimportant and, well, forgettable, or your GM doesn't think showing the full spectrum of magic users isn't worth the effort when only the top 10% are of interest/challenge. Besides, it's a rule of fiction that people of exceptional talent encounter each other far more often than random chance would suggest.......which is not terribly unrealistic when you think about it.


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« Reply #18 on: (19:19:45/06-15-17) »
I pretty frequently use NPC foes with less than six magic -- just as I often have foes with machine pistols, or simple boosted reflexes.  Sometimes you want really powerful foes,  sometimes you want to throw waves of slightly less dangerous foes.


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« Reply #19 on: (00:00:16/08-03-17) »
I don't know if this belongs here or not, but I feel that MA's should have two changes made to them:

1) May purchase additional Powerpoints after character creation.  I would require them to purchase a formula...

2) They can sacrifice spells for Power Points at character Creation...
1) Absolutely. They should be able to purchase power points up to their magic rating at a cost of 5 karma per power point. Restricting the purchasing of power points to character creation is poor thought out and encourages players to max out the starting magic attribute and power points instead of building balanced starting characters.
2) I discourage you from allowing this. If you do not want the spells, you should probably be playing an adept. If it is "too many" spells for your needs, it is a limitation of the priority system and I would suggest that you look at the build point, karma gen, and life module systems in Run Faster.

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« Reply #20 on: (23:53:57/08-03-17) »
Do this in reverse:

#2: Meh.  If you're going to play a mystic adept, get going on the mystic part - although I can entirely understand a storyline in which an adept discovers that he can cast spells, i.e. is actually a mystic adept.

#1: I am entirely good with purchasing power points.  Bought power points (as compared to power points gained from Initiation) are treated as an attribute after character generation.  Your maximum power point total (boought + initiation-gained points) is your Magic rating.  So it takes a lot of dedication to keep your power points up to snuff with your magic points.
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« Reply #21 on: (04:25:00/08-04-17) »
Yup, that's what I've seen done as well.
Raising Magic & PPs from 5 to 6? 60 Karma.
Though it's kinda sad it's not possible the other way around, with free powerpoints and a significant investment in spells. Well, there's Adept spell, but that's limited to one and the investment is rather insane for that.
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