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True, though it never achieved the sheer efficiency of laes.
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For an alternative orifice, there's the anus. Attach to the coccyx for a sting in the tailpipe.


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Or you could stab them with a pen ie injector pen why its exotic I dunno


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 I believe that Laes while natural is from an awakened plant and so could not be produced in a normal metahuman's cybergland. No ruling on whether an awakened metahumna could make it. My characters usually stick with soothsayer or gamma-soccaline for the gland.

As for the lipstick, most assume, that yes it comes with a set of barriers (Maybe a two-sided stick, one a barrier, the other the chemical or stick and brush like lipsticks and sealers) to allow you to use it without being dosed yourself. Getting immunity to most useful drugs seemed difficult unless you went with a surge trait.


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If it's not in your mouth, it's not a fang. That said, if you don't need to be sneaky, a Chemical Gland can be hooked up to any run of the mill cyberweapon to coat the blade instead of acting as an injector.

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