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Still wrong, because magic spikes and naturally occurring genetic variation.

I think it was 4E that used leaders like Hitler and Churchill as examples of CHA 7, and Einstein for LOG 7
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That's exactly the reason why you can't pin Logic as being your IQ. Logic is your baseline ability to solve problems with logical thinking in daily life. This is complimented by your intuition and your charisma for emotional reactions (or lack thereof) as well as willpower representing your ability to concentrate.

There is no need to flame against R1 stats - there mechanical impact is strong enough. (Being fooled constantly by mana illusions or fear effects thanks to low Logic is just one of the many drawbacks of skimping on this stat)
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To novo: in 4E skills and stats were both on the base 6, 7 is exceptional model with 3 being average. Here is what they had to say (4E Core, pg119)

Rating 7 Legendary

The “best of the best.” Someone whose expertise outranks all others in all of
known history. Can only be achieved with the Aptitude Quality (p. 90).

Athletics Example: Wayne Gretzky, Michael Jordan, Joe Montana, Pele, Babe Ruth.
Firearms Example: “Wild Bill” Hickock, James Bond, Thunder Tyee.
Technical Example: Thomas Edison, Nicholai Tesla, FastJack.
Social Example: Bill Clinton, Ronald Reagan, Damien Knight.
Vehicle Example: The Red Baron, Evil Knievel.
Knowledge Skill Example (Academic): Stephen Hawking, Albert Einstein.
Knowledge Skill Example (Street): Wolfgang Kies, Dr. Raven, Captain Chaos.


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Honestly logic/int/what have you and wisdom/intuition are always going to be a problem in a stat based, levelling system. Body you can do exercises to make you tougher and more durable (up to a point hitting yourself with giant boulders is going to do more harm than good certain anime not withstanding), strength again you can exercise to increase it, dexterity you can do exercises to improve your hand/eye coordination, charisma you can learn techniques to impress or influence people. Wisdom is borderline same with intuition they're a lot harder to see how you can train to improve them when knowledge is represented by other skills and logic is just awful if your treating it as an IQ system.

I bypass it by treating it as logical thinking rahter than raw processing power and yes I know it doesn't really work with a lot of qualities but treating it as pure IQ has its own problems. If I treat it as logical thinking then at least you can learn to irmprove it there are entire philosophy courses on how to do logical reasoning. You're going from thunder makes the milk curdle to milk curdles without thunder and doesn't always curdle when it does therefeore there is something else at play to when i leave the milk out in the heat and the sun it always curcles therefore heat or sunlight causes milk to curdle thus I shall heat it over a prolonged period of time to see if heat is the cause and leave this on out on the winter slope where its cold and has direct sunlight to see if the light caues it to curdle. NOTE: I don't actually know what causes milk to curdle but I assume its time.

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...for my adept KK, her low logic score (2) is part of her background as she suffered brain damage (a long and not so pleasant story which I will forgo here).  As she is a Missions character, I could not take Impaired Attribute for Karma, but she in effect has has it (limiting her racial maximum to 4).  On the other hand, her Intuition and Willpower are fairly good (5 and 4 respectively).  So she might not be the brightest bulb in the building when it comes to problem solving, but she is instinctively aware of her surroundings and can put "two and two" together well enough. to get by.
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Absent any additional negative qualities, I see an Attribute of 1 as underdeveloped rather than handicapped.  Someone with a Logic of 1 could just be intellectually lazy, or someone who vegges out in front of the trid, or someone who likes to be spoon-fed opinions rather than doing any critical thinking.  But a low-Logic character can go from a 1 to a 2 with 10 Karma and two weeks of training, and then go from a 2 to a 3 with 15 Karma and three weeks of training.  Granted, that will take some runs and some downtime, but it is still comparatively easy for a character to go from a dim bulb to an average, unimpaired Logic.

Still, even if the GM isn't bothered by a stat of 1 (and a lot of them will be, going by the usual reactions to this topic both here and on the Dumpshock forums), a Logic of 1, as has been pointed out, is a significant weakness.  I prefer 2's to represent weak areas in my own characters, especially with them being so cheap to get from 1 to 2.