Campaign Plot around Samantha Villiers and Court of Shadows

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Hi all,

I recently had an idea of campaign plot, tiding several open hooks in the lore of Shadowrun 5ed (also 4ed), and managed to put the PCs in the center of the actions. I thought about sharing it, as it may inspire other people and maybe lead to some interesting feedback.

So back in 4ed, during the infamous "Artefact Rush", we saw Samantha Villiers having a strong stench against artifacts, waiting to destroy them rather than exploit them (see "Artifacts Unbound", Déjà Vue, p.90). From there, it is not a stretch to venture that she might also be against "other plane" of existence leaking into the Earth.

So let's say she stumbles upon an artifact during this period that could be weaponized to "close" such door. Let's say also she discover a secret cave, somewhere nearby Yellowstone that is - with the right ritual or artefact, led "discreetly" to the Seelie court.... Maybe she would send runners, with her magical "bomb" through the gate. And maybe such "bomb", once malfunctionning, could led, after a while, to the Yellowstone Calamity (Court of Shadows), and her own death (see Hard Target), as reprisal...

(The Yellowstone Calamity is after Samantha Villiers execution, but nothing states that whatever magical cause for this has been triggered over a year before... Actually, maybe the PCs, entering in 2076 into the Court, could return, because of the Calamity, over 2 years later on ;) )