Dealing with Locusts? [5E]

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So I'm going to be having a Locust swarm developing within the Squeeze in London, burgeoning out, preparing to enter their proper swarming state.  The Queen has focused on a new Street Doc in the Squeeze in order to get access to healthier (and therefore more useful) vessels for her brood.  She only has a small cadre to make use of right now, probably ten or so; and I'm having a little trouble thinking on how they would act overall, and how to make it a good challenge to a team that is mostly composed of magic users.
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Remember that the invae in general have grown more canny in interacting with humanity.  Subtlety is the name of the game now.  As always, consider the nature of the insect itself.

A smart Locust queen might actually send her workers ranging much farther afield (50-100 miles) to locate and pluck new, useful targets.  Lower-caste people to become true forms; more 'installed' individual to try to make good-merge flesh-forms, and be able to move the swarm from location to location.  Never sticking with more than two or three people together at once as they move; they 'land' in a new field, stay there long enough to brood a couple/three more spirits, then move onto the next location.  A really good Queen like this might manage to have two or three lesser queens under her control, building a serious swarm ...
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