Devourer Pixies

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Pixies.  The word invokes images of happy wee fairy folk flittering about in a carefree style.
Of course, in the Sixth world there isnít a whole lot of happiness to go around, though this doesnít stop them from trying.
Groups like the Korrigan are carving out niches for these and other fairy folk as best they can.
Research data on Pixies remains elusive due to several factors, especially their tendency to disappear upon death, making autopsies impossible via current means.
Social data is also scant as they tend to be a bit close mouthed around strangers, no doubt with good reason.  Metahistory shows that the relationship/dealings between metahumans and fairiefolk have been tenuous at the best of times.
In the pursuit of such a study, we came across an unusual phenomenon, namely Devourer Pixies or more specifically Pixies who hunt, kill and eat other Pixies.
At first glance, one would naturally assume this is some new form of HMHVV cropping up.
But by all accounts however, the condition while rare, does not seem to have a traditional Infection Vector, ie it is not passed on by another Devourer or exposure to other Infected for that matter. It can happen to both male and female alike, as well as at any age, though typically it seems to largely occur in adults.
So while the exact cause of the phenomenon is not clear, the results are.  The  Devourer is consumed with a hunger for the flesh of their fellow Pixies, though this does not seem to hinder their natural cunning by any means.  A cunning that allows them to walk as a wolf among the sheep so to speak.  They will select their victim with care while still retaining their own self preservation instincts, hence they become more a serial killer rather than a mass murderer.
Perhaps the most startling aspect of this condition is the fact they CAN consume their slain victims.
Pixies normally Vanish upon death, metaplanar theorists believe their bodies slip back to their plane of origin or some similar metaplanar locale. 
However, a Devourer slaying another Pixie seems to somehow disrupt this process, or at least forestall it. The killing blow must be delivered by their own hand, whether using natural attacks or a melee weapon, though they can certainly weaken their victim to nearly the point of death using other means, including range weapons or spells.
When slain in this manner, the victimís body does not immediately Vanish, but remains for the Devourer to feast upon.  Should the Devourer leave the immediate area by more than a few meters from the slain Pixie, itís corpse will then proceed to Vanish as normal. Thus the Devourer must consume the slain Pixie on the spot or carry away whatever meat it wishes to retain. 

And consume the entire body it can and will.  During the study, we were able to observe a Devourer kill and consume an entire pixie in one sitting. Perhaps more startling was the fact there was no apparent gain in the Devourerís own mass or volume from the feeding, despite the sizable meal consumed.
One theory to explain this suggests ther perhaps in the process of feeding, the Devourer consumes whatever essence it is drawing from the flesh of its victim while letting the now consumed flesh Vanish as normal.  This of course is a killerís dream come true as there is no evidence remaining of their crime, making it that much harder to even detect the presence of a Devourer in their midst.

Beyond this murderous hunger for their fellow Pixieís flesh, they do not seem to exhibit any other traits that would categorize them as Infected.  They show no increased attributes/abilities beyond that of their kind.
Nor do they have any increased sensitivity to sunlight or any noticeable weaknesses that is normally associated with those expressing HMHVV.

So the research and debate about this twisted form of Pixie rages on.
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