Does the discount on drone limbs apply to customized limbs?

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« on: (11:16:08/04-19-17) »
So, there's a bit of confused wording here, but I want to see what other think.

In Rigger 5.0, the Drone Arm mod says "Unless otherwise noted, use the standard cyberlimb rules, though limbs cost half of the normal price. (Upgrades for the arm are at full price, however.)"

Does this include customization?

The word "upgrades" is very vague, and could mean "anything but the basic (Pilot-AGI)/(Body-STR) arm", or it could mean "aftermarket enhancements and accessories".  If it's the former, it's a very minor benefit, but I suppose it's not awful.

However I'm pretty sure it would include customizations, since it seems like in the book that you're not "upgrading" a 3/3 limb to whatever you like, you're buying a custom limb at whatever attributes you want.  Thus why customization can't be done after you've bought the limb, it has to be made that way, you can't upgrade to it.

But I'm not 100% that's what the rules say or mean, so I want to know what others on this forum get from reading the description on page 125 of Rigger 5.0.
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« Reply #1 on: (23:27:08/05-22-17) »
Forget where it was, but limbs are always agility = pilot, and body = str of the limb, with the exception of the MCT KK construct anthro drone that has 8 str starting, which I think you have stated in the post.

You get half off initially for the cost of the limb (15k > 7.5k starting)

There's also the option of primitive arm which lowers limit by 2 for the arm, but is fine for "shooting" due to accuracy.

Customization (if allowed) are at full price still.

The other thing to note, is that upgrading the pilot by RAW is much better spent for your nuyen = limb agi usually.

Additionally, I remember someone saying you can't "customize" and only "enhance."