[SR5][Prime Missions] Jumping Ship

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Now available:

Re-writing the Rules

Runners are rule-breakers. Lawless. Independent. But their dirty secret is that they don’t break all the rules—they just are more open in choosing which rule sets they should follow. And sometimes, they just make up their own rules. Some of those rules are based on what brings them the most money. Others talk about honor and loyalty, concepts that are incredibly important to some runners and derided as useless baubles by others.

Whatever rules runners invent for themselves, there are times they are tested. And one of those times is coming up.

Plenty of runs don’t end like they should, but what’s really rare is when runners get to take a run that blows up and stick on their own ending. What starts as an extraction quickly goes south, and the runners are going to have to figure out which rules they’re going to follow to make the ending stick. Who will be happy, who will be angry, who will get paid, who will get dead—runners will have to invent rules that can help make all those questions come out right.

Jumping Ship is a Prime Mission for Shadowrun, meaning it is for experienced runners who have graduated out of the regular Missions line. It is for use with Shadowrun, Fifth Edition, and the plotlines can also be used with Shadowrun: Anarchy.

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Wait...where is Prime Missions 3 and 4?


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Wait...where is Prime Missions 3 and 4?
With the Technomancer book?
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I feel like that's becoming the punchline for SR5 as a whole.


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Wait...where is Prime Missions 3 and 4?
The runners for those missions were TPK'd. :)
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TPK's breed smarter runners.  8)
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Prime Missions 3 and 4 are set to debut at Origins so I made the decision to move PM 05 up on the release schedule.

It has nothing to do with writing, editing, publication process; it was my conscious decision to do this.
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