What are some additional benefits of a retrans unit?

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« on: (00:06:17/04-13-17) »
As we already know,retrans units placed in a drone give the rigger noise reduction when hacking something the drone is close to. But are there any other benefits a far away hacker might be able to gain from using it?

For example,can a hacker move a drone with a retrans unit over to a device slaved to a target host in order to establish DNI?


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« Reply #1 on: (00:31:55/04-13-17) »
You mean "establish a direct connection".  A DNI is a form of control between the brain and a device.  A direct connection refers to a non-wireless connection between two devices.  You establish a DNI with a datajack or trodes and your commlink, cyberdeck, or RCC. You establish a direct connection by plugging one of those things into another device.

A retrans unit does nothing to establish a direct connection--  There's no way to get a wireless direct connection (as that is a kind of oxymoron in this case).  The closest you can get is a Technomancer with the Skinlink echo (and that's really just replacing a wire with your own body).

You can have a drone apply a datatap to a wired system, which is also similar, but all this does is allow you to wirelessly access an otherwise inaccessible system.  It does nothing to allow you to ignore the slave-master benefits (if they are applicable).
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You can have a "direct connection" to things slaved to a host, but that's a bit different :P
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